~*WIN*~ A MONTH’s Worth Of School Lunches From The LunchBox

In our house we like to play to our strengths.

What does that mean?  Well, my strength is that I happen to be home early enough to make supper, so that’s my responsibility. Seth happens to not hate going outside in the cold as much as I do, so he sorts out the dog poop and basically anything that happens outside the warm walls of our house.  As yet, I’m still figuring out whose strength the dishes are.

Anyway, as with any family, things run on a tight routine and if it gets slightly rocked all the flipping wheels fall off.  Well that’s not really true, we hardly ever have any wheels attached.  As evidenced by our grocery cupboard.

Basically put: There’s hardly anything in it.

To sum it up, I am more of a hunter/gatherer – just winging it with what I can find in the cupboard – and Seth is more like an, uh, organised hunter/gatherer – making sure there is something to find in the cupboard.  This dear friends is why he took over packing the school lunch boxes.  The kids rejoiced as they got to enjoy biltong and dried fruit instead of a hunk of cheese I found at the back of the fridge on top of a dry cracker from 2002.

But despite the fact that we were playing to our strengths, our lack of grocery cupboard stock taking often resulted in Seth running out to our local gas station trying to find decent things to pop into all three of our kids lunch boxes.  That’s right guys, all of them go to school and not only do you have to pay for school fees you have to feed them all freaking day too.  Contraception anyone?

Jokes, jokes.  Little lives are precious. {Really, I’m only joking, don’t freak out OK?}

When The Lunchbox wanted to send us a months worth of lunch box snacks for our kids you bet I said yes please and thank you!  Who wouldn’t want the peace of mind of knowing that you don’t have to do any 10pm snack runs for a whole MONTH!

If you haven’t heard about it yet, let me give you the low down:

You pay R595 per month (for the normal subscription box) and they send you a box full of 21 packed lunches.  In each pack you get a juice or water and three snacks.  You can literally just grab one as you walk out the door every morning. (There’s even an adult one guys!)

We’ve been using our packs for a couple of weeks now (got it at the beginning of April) and we’ve been enjoying it so far.  But as we’d only ever given the kids water to take to school, I wasn’t so keen on sending them with the juice option every day (we really try and limit the amount of sugar they get even though these are 100% fruit juices it still felt like too much when factoring in the snacks in the pack).  The good news is that I chatted to the team at The Lunchbox and you can actually opt to have a water only option – that’s a definite plus for me.

IMG_0643 IMG_0652 IMG_0659 IMG_0670 IMG_0680

Want to get your hands on your own box of The Lunchbox to try?  Of course you do, so it’s a good thing that I am giving away a box today.  You know how to enter so get cracking 🙂

There is no obligation to share on Facebook or Twitter but if you’re feeling like being awesome, then just tap the icons at the bottom of the post – make sure to keep in my handle and website link.  You’re also welcome to share it on Instagram too if you’d like and just tag me in (@cindyalfino).

Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

Only requirement is that you are based in SA.

Alternatively if you don’t want to wait to win it to try it, why not head over there to order yours now?  You can do that HERE.

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81 thoughts on “~*WIN*~ A MONTH’s Worth Of School Lunches From The LunchBox

  1. Just love the idea of ‘The Lunchbox’ With s newborn at home, this would be perfect dor my son’s school lunchbox!!

  2. I pack in all the “lunches”. My kids are still in daycare and get a warm breakfast and lunch at the facility, so I only pack in snacks. But I am more like your Seth and make sure there’s always snacks available. I have been super keen to try The Lunchbox snacks but working on getting it into our budget is proving to be a downer. Thank you for the opportunity to win this awesome prize!

  3. So convenient. i pack the lunches for hubby and i and is always running around like a headless chicken due to time constraints haha.
    would love to win these as it will make my mornings much more easier 🙂

  4. i also love your idea of allowing us to enter your competitions by just commenting and subscribing to your newsletter. You have to enter most blog competitions by using social media which i don’t have and therefore i do not have the opportunity to enter most of these competitions.
    Also love the idea of a book club. if you do go ahead with it. please let me know

  5. This would be awesome, I have to pack the lunches for the kids everyday so this would make my life SOOOO much easier 🙂

  6. My husband packs the lunches! He starts work at 9:30am so he has a bit more time than me in the morning. We would love to win this awesome prize!

  7. I LOVE this… I pack the lunches and spend serious brain power thinking about ‘packing the rainbow’ and ‘one from each food group’… I’ve been staring at the Lunchbox on Facebook for a while now. They look awesome.

  8. This would be super awesome especially seeing that I have a husband that works away for long periods at a time….and even better, I will have more time to concentrate on my blog…lol. Keeping my fingers crossed

  9. I pack the lunches… On a Sunday I promise myself I’ll pack them the night before but by Monday that has flown out the window and by Tuesday morning the house is complete chaos while we rush to get ready and still get lunches packed. I love this idea – would make life so much easier

  10. Awesome prize – I am the one that makes and sorts out breakfasts, lunch and suppers ? would love help sorting out lunch packs! Would save me a lot of time and trouble

  11. Packing lunches is right up there with dentist visits and going for pap smears. It’s painful but has to be done!

  12. I pack in lunch. At times it becomes frustrating because you lose ideas and my daughter easily gets bored of eating the same thing.

  13. I pack and I decide, though daughter provides input for her lunch. I’ve threatened to make her start making her own when she complains or doesn’t eat what I pack.

  14. Oh, trying to think what to pack in lunch boxes is sometimes worse for me than sitting in traffic! And in traffic I’m already trying to figure out what, where and how! #goodness

  15. My Hubbie packs the lunches (only because I am too lazy to get out of bed and do it) however its my decision to decide what goes in them – I hate this endless decision on what to make for dinner, what to pack for lunch etc etc. this would make life easier for one decision at least.

  16. OMG this is such a cool idea!
    I am actually the one who makes and packs the lunches at home. I’ve started to plan lunches for the week on a Sunday just so it goes quicker. Sometimes it’s not about making and packing the lunch, but rather what to put in/cook that takes the most amount of time.
    I’d love to try one of these… 🙂

  17. It would be awesome to win this for my grandson. Would save my daughter time especially as she works 12 hour shifts as a nurse

  18. Dad makes the sarmies and I pack the snacks but I would be the best MOM ever if I could be so creative with the variety.

  19. I pack the lunches. I am also one of those really annoying moms that has muffins baking in the oven on a Sunday night and cuts things into super cute shapes – Sorry not sorry!

    • This would be such an Awesome break for me for a whole month! <3 I pack two toddlers lunches in everyday & mine & husband's aswell 😀

  20. Now this is a prize that I could definitely use.

    I’m up at 5 every morning to get creative and pack healthy and appealing lunches for my 2 monsters (and hubby…and my mom…and my dad) I kid you not.

    I’m running out ideas of healthy snacks so this would be right up my alley.

  21. This would be such a great help in my house as it is my job to pack lunches everyday…*sigh* for 3 little ones….*another sigh*
    I’m entering the competition hoping to win it for a trial run!!

  22. On the days when I take the kids to school, my hubby packs the lunch boxes which is most of the time…thankfully! Definitely do not enjoy this task and so happy he does it 🙂

  23. I would love to win it for my 4 yr old. She is a fussy eater, it will add some wow to her normal things that she always eats

  24. This would be awesome! My son (5) and daughter (8) get the same goodies everyday – what a treat this would be 🙂

  25. I keep seeing this advertised on my fb page, I would love to win to try it out before ‘buying’. As for who cooks in my house, it certainly isn’t me, we would starve if it was up to me to feed the masses;-)

  26. I pack lunches in our house and while I have days where I am creative I would love not to have to think about it and just grab a bag!

  27. I pack the School lunches for my 2 kiddies.. hubby wouldn’t have a clue what to pack in.. there’d be bread, and that’s it. I try to give them a variety, but in all honesty, it’s one of my top three worse chores, left for last in the evening when I’m so not in the mood. Winning this would be like going on holiday for a few weeks 🙂

  28. I have moved in with my son and his family so I often do the lunch boxes for my granddaughter and her mum.

  29. I pack in my two toddlers lunches everyday & mine & my husband’s 😀 This would be an awesome breather for me…even just for a month! <3

  30. I normally pack the lunches and I am always scrambling for ideas at the last minute. This would be an awesome treat!

  31. I make lunches- get up at 5am to leave by 7am and have to make at least 10 sandwiches every morning! So I often go empty handed- just no energy to make sandwiches for myself after that.

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