Concerts Cause Leaky Eyes

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There is this really strange condition that’s hitting up parents across the nation.

It starts innocently enough – you’re just sitting there minding your own business when you suddenly realise that your kid has just taken the stage.  Almost immediately, you’re hit with a wave of emotion.  It’s that bubbly gush of love that literally makes you giddy.  Which is followed swiftly by this feeling of nervous pride as you watch them do their thing.  And then suddenly, your eyes start leaking from the corners.

Have you had it?

It must be flipping contagious because I had it THREE times last week.

This condition started for me on Monday where we happened to be watching Kyla at her nativity play.  It was the sweetest little play and the older kids did a really great job of knowing their lines and bringing the play together.  Kyla was the angel that came on half way through the show.  My sweet girl was the smallest little angel there, but she sang her little heart out.  I swear if I listened hard enough I could hear her all the way at the back (where we were forced to sit – because even though I thought that I was an eager beaver, I was very, very wrong).


Then Tuesday rolled around and I had the worst case of it by far.

Riya was the star in her nativity play and had to be on for two nights in a row.  The first night she was alone and the second night Knox accompanied her.  So to make sure that she felt like she wasn’t forgotten, I went to watch the first night while Seth was home with the other two.

Guys.  You know our history.  Riya doesn’t do stage well.  In fact she doesn’t do performance well either.  It is what it is – in fact, I’ve resigned myself to the fact that I won’t ever get to see her do her ballet in my presence.  So when my girl came out and did her thing so freaking beautifully, well, I got the sickness bad.  My eyes, they were leaking all over my face.

She flipping nailed it and I honestly could not have been prouder that she has managed to overcome those fears.  The pride that she showed after the play was incredible.  She knew how well she did and how far she has come.  What a wonderful thing to witness!

img_6338 img_6531 img_6354 img_6626

Wednesday night didn’t disappoint.

I managed to keep the leaks in check when my boy took the stage, but his dimple had me melting onto the floor like a puddle.  There is just something so incredibly special about them finding you in the crowd and giving you a smile that could only be for you.

img_6550 img_6695

It was a super crazy week.

We had to say goodbye to the school that Riya has been at for the last four years which was hard on her.  Especially saying goodbye to all of her friends.  But we’ve made it through to the other side and are now enjoying the holidays!


6 thoughts on “Concerts Cause Leaky Eyes

  1. Oooh – we had our first school concert this week and I didn’t leak any tears but I felt super proud of my son!!!! Your kids are just adorable.

  2. Oh it does – but of course with A doing ballet, dance competitions and regular drama Eistedfodds it does get a whole lot easier. I do not cry anymore – but sheesh, the butterflies!

  3. I suffer from the same condition!! Zee is homeschooled, but ballet concerts, parents evening dances, and prize giving leave me in a fantastic state too! The first time, she was only three, so tiny and beautiful… I cried so much (I’m pretty sure I was ugly crying, but there was no controlling it).. You can hear me in the video that Husband managed to take over all my blubbering! #embarrassing

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