Mourning The Holidays

I’ve found that there are a few types of parenting approaches when it comes to handling the holidays:

  1. Those that enjoy it, but want to run away screaming because their kids are all up in their face err day all day!  And the fighting, oh the fighting…  (the kids obvs)
  2. Those who like their children in small increments and prefer to have their kids entertained by organising event after event, play date after play date.  Anything but being alone with their kids.
  3. Those that just love every freaking moment of being with their children – chilling around the house and just generally enjoying the indulgence of uninterrupted time with them.

What category do I put myself in?

Well, that’s a hard one because I have been at all these stages over the last 7 years.

When all three kids were under 4 years old, being alone at home with them was hard and I actually kind of dreaded it.  Like stomach in knots dreaded it, so I filled the time with other people.  Never wanting to be alone.  And even when Seth was with me, going anywhere was exhausting because you have to pack a million things every time.  And also babies are exhausting.  But they got a bit older and it got a bit easier and so I enjoyed it but then the fighting drove me freaking crazy.  And yes they were older, but they still couldn’t do things on their own.  So going back to work and having an uninterrupted cup of coffee was a luxury.

But now…

They are 4, 6 and 7.  Things are SO easy.  Guys, if I could choose an age that’s my favourite (besides the brand new baby stage), then this is it!  The 4 – 7 age, it’s adorable.  They are helping with the chores, they’re fun to talk to and we have a good time playing card games or just chatting up in their new fort.  It’s been really fun spending time with them and doing things that they enjoy doing.

So I guess you could say that I’m now firmly in that the last phase there.  I adored these holidays chilling at home with the kids and Seth.  I loved being able to wake up and decide to spend the day at home or to go out on a whim without having to pack ALL the things.

And now, even though I love my work and the structure of routine, I’m sad to be back.

Which means that I am occasionally flicking through some holiday memories (which totally makes it worse, but I’m indulging myself anyway). I thought I’d quickly share some of them here.  We went to Fairview Wine Farm on New Years Eve with the family.  It was lovely and even though it doesn’t look it, the kids started out almost terrified with the goats but slowly chilled out.  And Knox’s glasses!  I can’t even.

I hope you’re having an OK day back! (If you are back, and if you’re still on holiday don’t tell me because I might just cry)

4 thoughts on “Mourning The Holidays

  1. Haha, I am in those three phases all holiday! Love them and hate them at the same time – can’t wait for them to start and then can’t wait for them to end! These kiddos of yours are just GORGEOUS x

  2. Whaha I also go through all three stages in one holiday, love my kids adore spending time with them but the fighting between my eldest two boys and the lack of adult conversation gets to me.

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