It’s Not A Holiday Unless You Unplug – Our Tulbagh Adventure

It’s so amazing to me how you can take a break and feel so wonderfully well rested, but then head back to work for a week and it’s like you’ve never been on holiday.  I’m exhausted!

If falling asleep at my desk could be part of my job, I’d be freaking nailing it right now!  But it’s not.  And instead I’m struggling to get up early every morning and then yawning my way through the day.  How exactly did I get so well rested?

You see, just after we had our super fun New Years Eve party we left for Tulbagh with our good friends the Finchams.  We go away with them and the Kohns every year, but this year the Kohns decided to move out to like, the bundus, so they couldn’t join us.  And instead of going to Petervale like we have done for the last couple of years, we had so much fun when we went to Tulbagh for my 30th that we decided to go back, but to the smaller house.  The kids were stoked that we brought them with to Kloofzicht (that’s the name of the place), they’d been begging for us to take them ever since we got back from my 30th.

Apparently choosing Tulbagh in the heart of Summer is a bit of a silly idea.  The weather is notoriously boiling, with temperatures running into the 40s on the regular.  Luckily one the first and second day that we were there, the temps were in the low 30s, with a solid breeze and so it was really rather nice.  The third day was a killer though!  so freaking hot I actually got into my bather and was ready to swim.  Except that… um, the water was freaking freezing!  I don’t know how it was possible that the water was so cold, but it was.  So…  I didn’t swim.  Much to the disappointment of the kids.  Knox kept shouting, “You wearing your bather, why aren’t you swimming wit me?  What’s da purpose of wearing it if you don’t swim?!”

A few, OK a lot of pictures of our time there before we chat about Seth catching his first fish and throwing it back all manly and stuff.  Oh and how we played The Floor Is Lava – it’s way more fun as an adult!

We spent our days by the pool, around the braai, fishing, wine tasting and just chilling.  Away from our phones, computers and basically all technology except the camera of course!  Kyla caught her very first fish even before Seth had a chance to catch his.  When he caught his, I happened to be on the balcony when I heard squeals of delight.  He was so chuffed with himself, but was rather nervous to touch it in order to put it back into the water.  Luckily I got the special moment on camera… 😉

Have you guys ever watched New Girl?  You know that it’s one of my favourite series to watch (and I rewatch it on the regular – it’s like the modern day Friends).  Anyway, if you’ve watched it you will know that they play something called True American.  whenever they play it I just think, damn that looks like so much freaking fun!  So one day I looked up the rules and they totally exist!!  You can learn to play True American.  The problem though, is that I am anything but a true American.  I honestly could not give two poops about their legal system and so trying to figure it out was just a no go.  So instead we played “The Floor is Lava”.  Yes that’s right.  Four grown ass adults played the floor is lava and we had so much fun trying to come up with impossibly hard tasks for each couple to do.  I highly recommend it.

I mean just look at me jumping through the air like Spidergirl!

And then it was time to go home and face reality.

Until next year when we will pick a brand new place to visit!  Thanks Finchams for the best holiday!

5 thoughts on “It’s Not A Holiday Unless You Unplug – Our Tulbagh Adventure

  1. AAAH man you guys are too awesome. You look like you have the best time together as a family and with your friends! I want to be friends with the Alfinos #lifegoals

  2. These photos are absolutely amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catching Seth’s face putting the fish back is priceless. And your kids look so so happy. As for the game – hmmm, I’m not so sure, maybe after like at least a bottle of wine??? hahahaha. I cannot see myself climbing onto, over or under things any time soon 😉

    • Look, I’m not going to lie, having a glass or two of wine does make you a bit more daring, but it’s totes not necessary – it really was the most fun I’ve had in a long time. I laughed until I my tummy ached!

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