A Few Big (HUGE) Things

You know when nothing seems to be happening for what feels like forever, but then suddenly everything happens at once?  That’s us right now!

BIG things are happening for the little old Alfinos that feel like HUGE things.  Like butterflies in the tummy make you want to puke things.  I could probably write a whole long post on each thing, but I don’t want to harp on and on about it.  Because that gets old quickly, so I’d rather do a quick wrap up.  These are the big things happening to us right now…


Yip, that’s right.  Seth and I have never left the country!  (Unless you count the hockey trip I did to Namibia in High School, but I don’t, so you shouldn’t either).  Anyway, we’re celebrating TEN YEARS of being married this March and we’ve been planning to do something big.  And this is it!  We’re going for ten nights to explore Italy probably spending most of our time in Rome, Florence and Venice.  We’re still ironing out all the details (including getting passports and whatnot), but I’m so excited and terrified all at the same time.  There is so much that I had no idea about as a first time traveller and it’s really daunting to try and figure it all out.  I’m already having dreams about how it will all go wrong, but it won’t and I’ll share more on the progress as it unfolds.


I don’t know how or why, but The Weekend Edition asked us to be their guests this Sunday!  So if you still have access to SABC 3, are awake at 6.30 (hello Moms) and feel like tuning in to watch our family be awkward on TV, then please do.  Jenny Morris is on the show with us (and we get to cook with her) as well as Khaya Mthethwa (last Idols winner), Ryan Sandes and his wife, Vanessa Haywood. (Yes, from District 9!) EEEEEK!!!

After the last time that I appeared (very) briefly on The Afternoon Express,  I swore to myself that I’d never do it again because it was SO nerve wrecking.  And yet, I’m about to do it again with kids and husband at my side.  I’m hoping that it makes it all a bit easier to handle – some cute distraction from my super awkwardness.  Oh man, I’m scared to watch it.


I know this isn’t really a big deal, but I quit my gym membership and it felt SO good.  Seth is still upset with me, but it’s his thing and not mine.  I just don’t enjoy it and by the end of the membership I was paying a ridiculous amount of money that I could have used for literally ANYTHING else.

Now I am wanting to see if there are any small yoga/Pilates classes in my area so that I can exercise without that awful gym feeling. But if I’m really honest with myself I know I won’t go to that either.  I think I’ll just stick to blogging thank you very much.


Apparently we’re going to be featured in both Living and Loving and the Essentials magazines this month!  Like what the what?  I still can’t believe it and I might have to pinch myself when I see it.  It’s not like previous media mentions – it’s like full blown articles.  Apparently.  So I’m excited to see what it actually looks like in the end.


This past weekend the girls insisted on making supper for two nights in a row.  At first I was like NO.  Because, well you know mos.  But I pulled myself towards myself and let them do it.  The first night they made a mess.  I mean, they made rice cakes with various toppings – boiled eggs, fish paste and marmite.  And then the second night they made spagbol (I wasn’t home that night so didn’t have to eat it), but it was a smashing success.  Now they want to cook ALL the time which is both wonderful and slightly frustrating.

And because I’ve run out of big things, I am going to leave you with a bunch of pictures of the first cooking expedition…

Kyla finding the rubber egg ball hidden in the egg tray and going to shout at her father about it 😉

27 thoughts on “A Few Big (HUGE) Things

  1. Exciting times!
    I love going on TV and Radio. I do it every opportunity I get. It’s SO much fun and such a rush! Enjoy!
    And I’m seriously jelly about your Italy trip!

    • It is such a rush but I’m always so terrified that I’m going to look like an idiot. But I often intentionally act like an idiot so I guess it’s OK 😉

  2. Italy?!?! OMG my bucket list destination. Definitely the best happening on your list.

    And TV? Gosh Cindy. I would be beside myself! I’m sure you and your family did really well and will look amazing on the show. Super exciting stuff happening – need to remember to get the Living and Loving this month.

    As for the gym thing, you’ll find what works for you. Even if it’s taking a walk to the park with the kids or walking up and down in Canal Walk.

    Well done on getting the girls to cook for you. I have high hopes of ever getting a night off from cooking 😀

  3. Well done Cindy! I am tuning in on Sunday to watch you guys.

    You guys must enjoy your trip to Italy! I was fortunate to travel when I was younger and loved every bit of it. It opened my mind to all the different cultures and the unique beauty of each city/country.

  4. Yay!! Very excited for you for both the overseas trip and the TV and print media exposure!! 2017 is looking fantastic for you!! 😀 But I must say that I am MOST jealous of being taken off the Supper duty 😛 Hehehe xxx

    • LOL, it seems to have been short lived – I tried to get them to do it tonight and they didn’t want to. I think the secret is to pretend not to want them to

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