School Has Really Freaking Started Now

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh.

Make it stop.

I’ve said before that I really enjoy holidays at home with my kids, and yes it’s because of my kids.  But it’s also because we aren’t continuously running from extra mural to extra mural, or trying to squeeze in homework and reading for two kids while also trying to do regular things, you know, like work and sleep and life and stuff.

But despite the fact that school is in full swing with the aforementioned, I haven’t even gotten to the parent meetings, uniform corrections, roster signing upings and various other things that go with settling into the first term.  I honestly feel absolutely exhausted every single day.  I need a 15 minute siesta around 4pm or I just can’t keep going until the evening.  Either that or I need to start pumping up the coffee again.

Anyway, enough complaining.  This intention of this post was to share how wonderfully the first week has been going in spite of what could have gone wrong.

This back to school period has been a big one for us because my baby girl is now in GRADE 1!  Yes people, this is not a drill, my baby girl is in big school.  How this all happened so quickly, I’m still not sure, but it’s happened.  We now have two kids in big school.

Riya is settling in really well, enjoying her teacher and making new friends.  I’m so glad because she is always a bit hard to read on how it’s going, especially because I only ever get “fine” as an answer.  (Although when probed I get more out of her, but I just have to set aside like, 40 minutes to pry some of her day out of her).  Kyla is super excited to be back with her friends and it’s cool because now that her and Riya are at the same school, they get to have break time together.  It’s so sweet hearing how they played together even when they really don’t have to.  The only thing that they regularly complain about, is homework 😉

Knox also started a new school in Grade RR.  I was really worried about him because he didn’t really know anyone there except for a couple of boys in the older class.  He was excited though and even before he walked into the door on the first day, he declared it, “Da best tool eva!” (“tool” is “school” in Knox language).  He was totally fine when I left him and I felt pretty good about his first day.

And then he got home and I found out that his day wasn’t as great as I thought.  As I shared on Instagram…

If you’re not already following along there, you totes should @cindyalfino 🙂

But then yesterday he got a star because it was the first day that he went the whole day without crying and so things are looking up!!  He still says that he loves his school even through all the moments when he’s feeling a bit overwhelmed.

I hope that your first weeks back at school are going really well and that your kids are settling in without too much fuss.

The whitest that these shoes and socks will ever be…

And as if they don’t get enough of it, as soon as they come home they play school school.

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