They Call Me Bond, James Bond – A SPY Party

If you had to randomly find yourself alone with my husband, you’d probably end up asking him normal questions.  Like, “Is Cindy really so obsessed with trying to make special occasions extra special by theme-ing the heck out of them?”  You know, super casual and stuff.

Then in answer, he might just snuggle into your arms and shed some tears at some realising at how crazy I am.

And then I’d have to kill you because the only person he should ever snuggle into the arms of, is ME damnit.

Anyway.  I got a bit carried away there.  Where was I going with this?  Oh yes…

There is a possibility that I might be completely and totally annoying when it comes to themed parties.  I don’t care though.  It’s my thing.  And as if my crazy wasn’t enough, I seem to have passed my love for a good theme and dress up to my daughters.  That’s right!  Seth is now surrounded by the crazy.

This past Saturday good friends of ours celebrated their daughters 9th birthday with a super cool SPY themed party.  And well, kids and spies are a match made in heaven.  Our kids had their outfits planned out a full week in advance and carefully placed them in their top secret spy boxes until they got to use them.  Committed.  As they should be.

So even though I totally had NOTHING to do with the coolness of this party, I can’t let a good party theme go to waste!  Well done to Simon and Claudette for totally nailing this!  (And yes, they are the creators of the infamous New Years Around The World Theme too).

Spy Party Theme

The spy cake of awesomeness (Claudette told me a secret – she got that magnifying glass from China for like R8!)

Checking in to the top secret mission.  Getting your agent names assigned (Know was James Bond and I was Grey Wolf and he insisted on calling me that all afternoon!  Mom wasn’t an option anymore).  There was a cool app that you scan your finger and then it either allows you access or denies you.  If you are denied, you have to drink some truth serum to confirm that you have not had any dealings with Agent X.

Working out the first clue 

Ah snap – time to get through some lasers without cutting your hair (or head) off…

Box tunnel!!!

Team work aside, the spies have turned – it’s time to fend for yourself.  Tie a balloon to your leg and the last one standing with a balloon that hasn’t popped is the winner!

Then it was time to find Agent X – and well, they found him and pummeled him!  (That’s Seth under there)

Such a fun party theme.

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2 thoughts on “They Call Me Bond, James Bond – A SPY Party

  1. I’ve always wanted a spy party for myself (think Nancy Drew) since a small. Maybe I can convince one of the boys to go for this for their next birthday lol! Love the details of this party.

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