Newlands Forest – Our Very First Time (Embarrassing I Know)

Seth and I are born and bred Cape Town folk.  Which means that our kids are also born and bred in this beautiful city.  Basically, we live in the shadow of the mountain and we love it.

We often talk about going to different places to visit, like our trip to Italy soon.  But, no matter what we talk about or how excited we are to travel, neither of us could really call another place home.  Cape Town is just it for us.  There’s so much potential around every corner – beaches, vineyards, mountains, city life, quirky neighbourhoods and so much more.

One aspect that I never really explored in our city, is the forests.  I mean, going hiking – though enjoyable while I’m doing it – is not very high up on my list of priorities.

Which means that our school hike that we did on Saturday was quite an eye opening experience for us.

It started out a little rough because before we left, Knox fell off the side of the girls bunk bed.  Not like off, off but his feet were on the bottom bunk and he was holding on to the top bunk with his hands.  Then Kyla tickled him and her let go and fell right on his head.  He was OK, but it wasn’t a great start.

So Seth ended up carrying him all the way up to the Woodcutter’s old house.  Although, knowing Knox, I’m pretty sure that he would have had to do this had he not fallen off the bed too.  Anyway, I tried to find the trail to the Woodcutter house thing online to show you, but I can’t seem to find it.  It’s probably only a 30 minute walk (not steep or strenuous) and when you get to the Woodcutters cottage, there is a big clearing down the path on the right hand side.  Guys, it’s amazing.

There is a massive tree with vines hanging down.  You can swing on them like George of the Jungle or Tarzan or whatever, and the kids freaking loved it.  Then on the one groupings of vines they had made a swing, which is even cooler than clinging to vines screaming AAaaaahhhhh.

After that we had to rush back home to get ready to spend the rest of the afternoon at a 60th birthday party at Jonkerhuis in Constantia.  But more about that tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Newlands Forest – Our Very First Time (Embarrassing I Know)

  1. Looks like so much fun! I’ll have to get the kids out to Newlands Forest. Especially since Alex announced last night that “our family never goes on ANY adventures!” (completely dismissing our Australia/Tasmania trip :/

  2. Cape Town is beautiful but I’ve yet to come across a country more beautiful than South Africa 🇿🇦. I’ve travelled to many countries but there is something about Africa. You are blessed to call CT your home. Other countries are great to visit but it’s always good to come home.

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