That Time We Were On The Weekend Edition!

A couple of weeks ago our family had the real flipping privilege of being on The Weekend Edition.

I’m not going to lie – it was nerve wrecking!  Sitting there being interviewed about our blog by Phat Joe, while my kids are clowning around in the background was not easy, but we did it and gosh darn it, I’m proud of us.  Even though (when we watched it) Seth and I mumbled “Oh my word, what a chop” every time we said anything.

It’s kind of surreal to watch yourself on TV.  It’s even more surreal to watch the whole family on TV with you.  I was actually really grateful to have them there as a bit of comedic relief and a distraction from my awkwardness.

The experience in and of itself was really cool.  It’s awesome to see what goes into a production like that – the cool cameramen (who were really awesome with the kids), the arty director and just the fun people that are there to make it all happen.  What’s not cool though, is spending an entire morning trying to keep your kids completely silent while they film the other peoples slots.  It’s funny how they want to talk so loudly then, but not when the camera’s are switched on!

Also, only I would make a total chop of myself.

So, we’re waiting around on set and then this lady with her little baby comes in.  Me being obsessed with babies and like, a fellow Mom and what not, I go up to her and ask her how old he is and you know, small talk and stuff.  Only afterwards did I realise that it was the main actress from District 9!  I know it’s really not a big deal, but I kind of felt like I’d walked up to Beyonce without even recognising who she was and just started chatting like we’d been friends forever.  She must have wondered who the hell I thought I was.  *cringe*

I love Seth’s face in this picture.  Like, “Guys, you don’t know what you’ve done giving them this bowl of chocolate.  I’m irritated, but I can’t show that I want to rip it out their little hands and throw it across the room on TV so I’m going to play it cool.  But just know, it’s not cool at all!”

Our 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House TV Debut

Right, so before you watch, you need to know that this is a long show.  Two and a half hours to be exact and we are on (in pieces) from beginning to end.  So make yourself some coffee, grab a snack and then settle in to watch us make complete fools of ourselves.

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