Groot Constantia Through The Eyes Of A Child

Last weekend we celebrated the birthdays of two very special men at a restaurant in the Groot Constantia Wine Farm.  Once we were there, they didn’t want to leave!  We literally had to walk around the whole farm.  But I’m not complaining – it’s beautiful there and rich with history.

We did the paid tour of the house and the cellars which was interesting – I think the kids enjoyed seeing how people used to live.  The old linen press instead of an iron and that kind of thing.

The lady at the front even let us behind the ropes in one sections where there was a portrait of a mother and children.  But the child had died and so they painted them out of the picture.  However if you stand at a certain angle you can still see the baby!  I don’t think the kids could actually see it, but they were still overjoyed to be able to go on the other side of the restricted area!

There’s also a couple of restaurants to go to (Jonkershuis – where we were for the party – and Simon’s.  I still have to go there but I have heard LOTS of good things).  Groot Constantia is also where the annual Uncle Pauls parties are held, so we come here and get to be immersed in the beauty at least once a year.

After we had walked around a bit, I gave the girls a chance to take some pictures and this is what they took.  I love seeing the world through their eyes!

I had taken off my shoes because trying to walk on uneven cobble stones in fancy heals just was not happening!  It was kinda embarrassing but at the same time wonderfully liberating because really, who even cares?!

But then I didn’t realise that walking on tiny little stones is like a million times worse, so there’s that as my punishment for bringing the place down with my bare feet.

We’d all stopped to check out the ducks at this little pond when a woman on the other side was trying to get our attention.  I was a bit like, “Are you talking to us?”  And looked around for the person she was talking too but then she shouted…


Then we realised that she was warning us because this guy was right next to us!  Riya had the camera and she managed to snap a picture as we tried to quietly back away from the thing.  It was huge!  Like bigger than the girls huge.  I almost screamed but Seth kept me calm, which is a relief because I really didn’t feel like being mauled by a baboon.

Thankfully the security chased him away and we didn’t see him again.

One thought on “Groot Constantia Through The Eyes Of A Child

  1. These pics are amazeballs, your kids have great photography skills.

    Thanks for sharing, seems like a great place to take our 3 kiddums to.

    Stay Blessed

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