Our First Summer Beach Day – How Even?

This past weekend we ventured out to friends that stay near the coastline and so they suggested that while we were there, we should pop over to the beach.

When I mentioned that we were going to go to the beach to the kids and the conversation went a little something like this:

Knox, “For real life?  Are we going to da beach?”

Kyla, “The real beach?  Like will there be sharks and stuff?”

Riya, “Yay!! Can I wear my bikini bather?” *

* (Even thought she knows it’s strictly not allowed when we are around other people because even though kids in bikini’s look adorable, I think it’s rather inappropriate.  For a multitude of reasons, from me feeling like they are way too exposed, to weird people looking at my kids, to adult people calling little children “sexy” which they mean in a well meaning way, but it just grosses me out because children are not sexy.  Ever.  Which probably makes you wonder why we even have that kind of bather for them in the first place if we are so anti it and I need you to know that it was a gift.  Not something I intentionally bought.)

Sorry, got a little off track there but it makes me so mad that I have to just say something.

Anyway, I reassured them that yes, we were in fact going to the actual beach, for real life and that there were no sharks because we were going to the colder side of the water.  Then Knox declared, “You’re the BEST MOMMY EVER!!”.

Which is great right?  Except that all their excitement made me realise that this was the very first time that we’d taken them to the beach all Summer.  I actually went through my diary to see if that was in fact possible and, it really was.  We haven’t been to the beach all Summer.  It’s disgusting considering that it’s literally on our doorstep and we have about 50 different beaches to choose from around Cape Town.

I think we didn’t want to go in the holidays because we were busy with home stuff and also there were about a million people on the beaches.  And I don’t know about you, but I don’t really enjoy the beach to start with, but a crowded beach is a definite no from me.  That said, we are going to change this problem before Winter comes around!

4 thoughts on “Our First Summer Beach Day – How Even?

  1. Finally someone who understands how I feel. I totally agree with you regarding the bather story. My daughter is 9 and my husband is also very cautious regarding what she wears etc. She’s not even allowed to wear clear lip gloss at home when we have visitors.

    There are just soo many sick people out there. So when my DD ask but why can’t I, we constantly have to remind her of that horrible thing she heard over the news or that episode she saw where the girl was hurt etc. When shopping she’d look at the sleeveless tops etc n say it’s so pretty but Daddy won’t allow me to wear it; but she gets it! We as responsible parents owe it to our kids to protect them.

    We don’t even upload their pics via SM and I get so mad that some people would just post their pics (them alone in pic) on SM. I hate that.

    Any advice how to keep a 3 month baby sun safe on the beach?

    Stay Blessed

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