Nailing The Work/Mom Balance. I Think

Like I’ve said before – it’s impossible to do it all.

And that’s OK.  Really, it is.

Do know the only person that expect us to do it all perfectly all the time?  Look in the mirror.  Yup.  That chick’s the only one telling you that you have to be all things to all people all of the time – and to perfection no less.  But even though we know that it’s ridiculous we can’t help but exert every bit of energy to try and do it all.

But no more.

I’m done with that life.

Although if you had to ask my husband, I’m pretty sure he’d tell you that I was done with that life ages ago (judging by the state of our kitchen.  And yes if you’re wondering, he’s the neat freak, everything in its place all the time person and I’m more, um, free spirited.)

So anyway, like I was saying.  I’m done trying to push myself to the extreme just because I have weird ideals in my head.  Case in point?  Our Bakerman situation.

Knox has recently moved to a new school.  And guys, I’m smitten.  I love everything about this school.  But just when I thought we’d gotten away from Bakerman, it was back.  With vengeance.  You see at our last school we just had to bring a cake.  A whole cake.  That Woolies made with love for me.  However, the vibe that I was getting from this new school is that it kind of had to be homemade.  Something the kids actually took part in making and would then be keen to sell.

I must stress, at no point was this actually stated.  I just dreamed it up in my head because the kid before us brought cars made from sweets and biscuits.  So you know, there’s that.

But what about my new (old) life choice?  How do you make something home made when you actually do not have the time, capacity or luss to actually make it at home?

You cheat.  (A little bit.)

And judging by the response on Twitter, I should have been doing this ages ago!

Are you on Twitter?  Come hang out with me there 🙂

I bought the mini chocolate muffins from Woolies (the most reasonably priced option when you have to do 30!) and then got the kids to ice and decorate it at home.  I whipped up icing (super easy – butter, icing sugar, vanilla essence and milk) with a variety of colours and let them loose!

You’d swear it was Christmas!  They had a freaking ball.  Knox felt like he “made” them and they were entertained for a whole hour.  We won’t talk about the amount of icing that went onto the cakes as opposed to what went into their mouths.  Because that’s part of the joy, right?

Anyway, despite feeling a bit sick, he marched right in to school and had the best time selling his cakes.  YAY!

15 thoughts on “Nailing The Work/Mom Balance. I Think

  1. Love that! Have had a rather large life change work wise and have also made the decision to be easier on myself – and I only have one kid to handle!

    Quick question – what did you use for the colors – those are magnificent!

    • We have the regular liquid food colouring that you get at Pick N Pay – then i mixed the blue and yellow to make green etc. The only one that was different was the pink was another bottle that I got at a baking store and combined with the yellow it made the most wonderful orange!

    • LOL – absolutely! In fact, I don’t think I ever had the joy of using it for milk because breastfeeding was such a struggle. But they’re so versatile you can use them for anything 😉

  2. Well done mom – you gave me an idea for my son’s next bakers day at school! Looove getting emails from you – you always have fresh, amazing and exciting things / topics to share.xx

  3. I also do this. PnP sells 10 “queenie cakes” for R24. basically cupcakes without icing. and then ice at home.

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