~*WIN*~ Paw Patrol Monkey Temple (Worth R2400!)

It’s been so interesting watching my children go from being tiny little babies, that only worried about their next mouthful of boob or the uncomfortable nappy, to actual human beings with their own defined likes and dislikes.

Along the way, I’ve learned that interested is probably the most you could ever say about our girls, in the sense that their interests are usually fleeting.  But Knox?  He’s committed.  He’s obsessed.  When he finds something that he likes, he goes in hard.  All the way and he stays there, unwavering.  Which is a pretty good quality to have in a husband #justsaying.

Knox has been Paw Patroling ever since before his last birthday – which was naturally a Paw patrol themed party.  I’ve lost count of the range of toys he’s got strewn about his room, but not the pups!  They all have their special place inside a special box.  They are easily the most precious toys that he has.  They keep him busy!  I’ll often wonder why it’s so quiet and when I go in search of him, he’s sitting on the floor of his bedroom making Chase rescue Chickletta from another bad decision or getting Rubble to dig out Zuma from under the pup plane that Robo Dog accidentally landed in the wrong place.

So when Just Fun Kids wanted to send me the new Monkey Temple and jungle range to review, I literally could not say no.  And then Knox saw it advertised on the TV and I don’t think I have ever seen his eyes go so wide!  He literally begged me to get it for him for his birthday.  Which made surprising him with this a couple nights ago, all the more sweet.  His reaction was absolutely priceless.

Here’s a very short snippet of what went down…

Last year we had a Paw Patrol party for Knox because he was beyond obsessed with the show. That was last year though and I thought he’d get over it. But not this guy – he is STILL obsessed. When he commits, he commits! (Take note future spouse 😂)

So when I surprised him with these new Paw Patrol jungle themed toys (that he’d seen on TV), he literally squealed with excitement. Because it’s late I haven’t let him open it yet, but he keeps going over to it and kissing it, then running over to me, throwing his arms around my neck and shouting “I love you Mommy!!”

Then just as I thought the excitement wore off, he was in his room alone and I heard him singing, “Mommy is da best! I’m soooo excited! I love Mommy! Dis is da happiest day EVER!”

So yes, working damn hard on my blog really does have its perks.

And reading it does too because I might just have a review and a giveaway of exactly the same thing coming very soon. (Link in profile)

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I allowed them to open it yesterday afternoon and they spent the entire time wrapped up in imaginative play.  Making mountain paths to cross through in order to rescue the monkey, falling through trapdoors and getting to know the new Tracker pup that they have affectionately called Crusher.  Which I know is completely confusing because that’s from a different series.

Anyway, they had the best time and it was heart warming to watch them play together.  When they did.  Because honestly I have to tell you that all three of them never managed to play nicely together at one time for more than 5 minutes.  It was either Riya and Knox or Knox and Kyla, but they could just not do it together.  Either way, I’m glad that it’s roped the girls into playing with Knox because he is usually just left to sort of fend for himself while the girls play with their babies.  Kids huh?!

Now I want you to experience Knox’s joy…

WIN A PAW PATROL MONKEY TEMPLE (and additional characters) to the value of R2400


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And no review would be complete without seeing the toys in action – so here you go:

Even Spartan couldn’t help but get in on the action.

220 thoughts on “~*WIN*~ Paw Patrol Monkey Temple (Worth R2400!)

  1. I love Marshall. He’s just as clumsy as I am but pulls it all together when he needs to do his job. And he also knows just how to get a laugh from his fellow pups

  2. I like Marshall because he’s the clumsy one and my favourite of all the pups. He reminds me a bit of Matthew when he was younger. But if you had to ask him, he would probably say Chase is his favourite because he’s in charge and always comes up with the ideas. *Fingers crossed I win the”mom-of-the-year” award* 😀

  3. My fav is Rubble. That little bulldog face is just everything. My daughter loves Zuma. With his hovercraft, he is the one that gave her the courage to jump in and learn to swim.

  4. My kids will go nutty over this! Both of them are obsessed with Paw Patrol and our favourite pup is Rubble. To be honest, we love him because he’s yellow 🙂

  5. Adam loves all of the pups but has two definite favourites… Chase and Marshall, largely because I think they drive his two favourite vehicles

  6. I like Sky because I’m a girl and she’s a girl haha! My nephew on the other hand loves Chase because he’s the boss!

  7. My 3 year old lg just informed me that Marshall is the best because he has a fire engine. And Rubble on the double!

  8. My boys love Marshall because he is a dalmatian and their cousins have a real dalmatian, also because he is a fire fighter and my eldest just loves firemen, firetrucks etc haha.

  9. Rubble is our favourite! Not only does he wear yellow, but he is an English Bulldog on top of that. So many favourites in one. Our 3 year old son Hanro thinks Rubble represents his Daddy. I think it’s because Rubble acts though, but really is a little softy. 😉 #teamrubble

  10. We love Marshall, as my kids love anything to do with Fire Trucks and he is silly of course and makes them laugh 🙂

  11. ooooh we wouldn’t be able to pick *one* favourite…the eldest loves Marshal because he is funny and the other son loves Rubble because he has a digger!

  12. Elijah says Zuma and Spy Chase. Because Spy chase isn’t the actual chase. And Zuma because he goes under water.

  13. Ooooooooh emmmmm geeeeee!!!!! I have never never never never EVER wanted to win something this badly. We are paw patrol obsessed in this house. Seriously, we have Paw Patrol everythang and my little pup would just die for these new toys (that’s he’s been coveting when seeing the TV ads). Fingers, toes and everything crossed for this one!

    • Fav pup- we don’t have one. Luca changes his mind everyday, but today his favourite is Marshall, ‘because he wears red stuff’. 😜

  14. We love Chase because he is the main character and is a German Sheperd and my son Kai just gets so excited when he sees Chase on TV.

  15. my son loves Chase and MArshall.. Chase cos he is smart and a leader.. and Marshall cos he makes him laugh a lot …

  16. Hi Cindy,

    We love Skye because she is super cute and who wouldn’t want to know how to fly?? We also had a dog named Skye…she can’t fly though but she is just as cute as paw patrol Skye 🙂

  17. I would love to win this for my Cupcake, his newly obsessed with Paw Patrol 🐾 so this would be an absolute treat

  18. Oh wow my son LOVES Paw Patrol! His favourite pup is definitely Marshall because his so clumsy just like my son lol Our friends have gone so far as to nick name our son Marshall because his just as clumsy

  19. I love Rocky. He’s so sweet, always had something on hand to help out.
    I also love that he hates getting wet. It reminds me of my girl that hates water

  20. Chase is my son’s favourite pup. He is a police dog (and my son wants to be a police man – oh my glory!) and he is the leader of the pack so boys adore that!! And he has a very responsible personality… Which seems attractive to my son! Hopefully good influence! Lol
    Chase is on the case!! Ruff!!
    Would love to win xx

  21. In our house, we love Sky because she is a sassy pup and can fly. Sky was the first PP character that we got for my youngest daughter. She only has one other “Marshall” but I know she would be in her most extreme element to win this set. It would just make her life.

  22. My 3 yr old daughter loves Zuma!!

    YES… I’ve watched alot of paw patrol over the years.

    Would love to win for my kids, as i just can’t justify buying the huge items for them. Wish i could.

    Holding thumbs xxx

  23. Rushdi’s favourite pup hands down, is Marshall! I think because he’s so silly and also because Rushdi loves fire engines. MY favourite pup is Everest because she’s the cutest!

  24. my kids aged 3 and 5 love paw patrol and Marshall is their favourite. They love anything to do with Fire trucks and they always try reenact him falling all over the show at home while watching.

  25. Chase is my son’s favorite. He is obsessed with Paw Patrol and all things Police and Fire Fighter. He would absolutely plutz if we won this!

  26. My son’s favourite is Chase (because he’s cool says 4 year old) and daughter Skye (I think because she’s pink)… She’s 7 now so pretends not to love them as much as the 4 year old who is also obsessed… obsessed… you know.. obsessed 🙂

  27. i love chase. we love german shephard. he is a police and traffic cop dog and a spy dog…he is funny and playful

  28. We love Skye because she is a kick ass girl doggy and we love girl power! (i have a 3 year old daughter, so this is where the girl power comes from, lol)

  29. Definitely Marshall! I can only imagine it’s because he’s the fire pup but my boy has really taken a liking in him! Goodness every single time we take little Caelum to Hamley’s he makes a duck to the Paw Patrol display. It’s the sweetest thing ever but not so cute when we have to drag him away 😨 He will be super chuffed with this prize 🎁

  30. Gabriella my daughter LOVES Everest! It’s her favorite pup! She is very clever and friendly AND she gets to play in snow all day long 🙂

  31. We love Chase. My kids think he is oh so cool as he wears a police uniform and always stands for the truth

  32. My 2 year old absolutely loves Chase, but since he cannot saw paw patrol, he would ask us to please play ” Raaaaaaaaa-bol” aka Rubble.

    Great series for kiddos!

  33. We love Chase! As my son always says…Chase is on the case lol! He loves him because he always helps to save the day and likes his uniform too.😎

  34. Wow what an awesome prize.
    My youngest son also had a Paw Patrol party for his birthday. His favourite is Chase (is on the case!) he likes him because he is the leader of the pack and always knows what to do. He also wears a “policeman hat” and wears blue.
    My eldest son and I both like Marshall because he so adorable and silly just like my eldest son <3
    Would love to win this for my boys 🙂

  35. It is my littlest’s 2nd birthday today, and he has followed in the footsteps of his brother who has also been Paw Patrol crazy for practically his whole life! We have a Rocky PP pup at home, but I quite like Rubble who reminds me of my birthday boy!

  36. Sky! My little 2 year old girl loves Sky (and everything that’s Paw Patrol of course) She can’t say the “s” yet, so all you would hear is “ky, ky, ky!”

  37. My son Liams favorite is Marshall. He is definitely the funniest pup with his clumsy ways! My son loves his red rescue truck and wants to be a Fireman when he grows up!

  38. After my little one broke his femur and needed to be transported to a different hospital by ambulance he just loves Marshall with his ambulance truck always wee woo down my passage with chase following suite

  39. Aaaw that’s just so cute I love those expressions and excitement on Knox face it’s just too cute. The appreciation on his face says it all. I have 2 boys a 18 month old and a 6 year old they both such paw patrol fans both of them have recently started playing together and it’s so cute watching two boys play together. They have chase only so they have a few fights over him. They love Chase it’s their favorite character. My 18 month old loved his star badge and try’s to sing twinkle little star. Chase my eldest loves because it sounds closest to his name which is Chad. I can see both my boys in huge excitement playing with this. Wow.

  40. Marshall is the Heitz house favourite! My son, Kj is so Marshall/Paw Patrol verskrik that he named our new puppy after him!

  41. My Favourite pup is Everest BUT I know my 4year old Luca LOVES Marshall, because they are both ‘all fired up!’ for any challenge they face 🙂 No job is too big, no pup (…and kid) is too small!!

  42. Ah Bless – Paw Patrol is a major winner in our house too! Got my boy a pair of Paw Patrol pj’s and he did the same, I got so many hugs and kisses and I love yous!
    My favourite is Rocky – I’m a recycling nut so it goes without saying… My boys favourite is a two-way tie between Chase and Marshall.
    Paw Patrol is on a roll!

  43. My son likes all the characters, but his favourite is most definitely Chase. My son likes to imagine himself as a policeman, so of course Chase is the favourite 😀

  44. Our favourite is Chase as we have 2 German Shepherd Dogs at home!
    Our 5 year old twins also had a Paw Patrol themed party this year!

  45. I have twin girls and they are OBSESSED with Paw Patrol! Ella loves Skye because she loves EVERYTHING pink and girly! And Coco (Chloe) loves Rocky just because. And I love Rubble because we had an English bull-dog called Frankie who was my other baby and who we lost to the doggy-angels a year ago (Cycle Tour day) 🙁

  46. We love Marshall because our 4yr old son (turning 5 on 7 June) is obsessed with anything Paw Patrol as well as anything to do with fire engines/firefighters etc 🙂

  47. My son is a huge Chase fan, he believes Chase is the main character, hero of the day and boss of the pack 🙂 Keeping fingers x for my angel

  48. Well according to my niece, (this is for her and let me be honest I have no clue about any character but I guess she’ll teach me once she gets the toys – hint hint) the one to call favorite is Sky and that’s because “cause she is the cutest Tatie”

  49. We LOVE all the pups, but we have 3 favourite, favourites.
    My 7 year old LOVES Chase (He is seen as the leader/ puppy captain), my 5 years old very girly, girly LOVES Sky (Because Pink and Purple are the ultimate) and my 3 years old rough and tumbler girly LOVES Rubble(She is majorly into Construction toys and Rubble’s are THEE BEST)!!!!!!
    Paw patrol allows all 3 of them to enjoy a show without ANY arguments as it caters for all of them. They would be over the moon if they won this.

  50. We loves Zuma, he is the absolute cutest ever. We love him because he loves the water especially the beach and surfing and he is always happy and energetic.

  51. Chase, because he is the cutest and a German Shepherd. He is a police in Paw Pawtrol.

    Will love to win this for my nephew who is having a Paw Patrol Party in April. #FingersCrossed

  52. Oh Wow! My little guy would be over the moon if I won this for him for his birthday next month! Matt loves Paw Patrol and his favourite is Chase 😀

  53. My son loves Chase and Skye, Skye mainly because she flies and has a helicopter and chase because he’s blue, lol

  54. Paw Patrol saves lives in real life too = occupying kids since 2013…my three year old, John always picks out “Chase” from Paw “Patwol”. Which is therefore his favourite character!

  55. Everest. Why? Because she’s a girl rescue pup AND from what I’ve seen she loves to eat treats which I can 100% relate to. Fingers crossed. X

  56. My almost 4 year old is Paw Patrol Obsessed. Especially with the new Jungle Range.
    Chase and Marshall being his Favorites.
    He would love the new monkey temple.

  57. Rubble. Everytime my 3year old see anything about Paw Patrol, he shouts “Rubble on the double”. So adorable and he just love that show.

  58. Our favourite pup is Chase – according to my 3yr old – but then again, HIS name is Chase…biased much? 🙂

  59. My boy love paw patrol, and doesn’t seem to have a favourite pup. He always just shouts “puppies!” when the show starts. But I do think that if he had to choose a fave, it would be Chase ☺

  60. hi…

    so my sister tagged me into this blog page…
    I can so relate to how obsessed my 2 kids are with paw patrol.
    not 1 day goes by without him watching it…

    my son& daughter would absolutely enjoy this gift.

  61. We have girls so Sky is our favour item because she can fly and she’s pink 🙈 Our 2 year old just loves all of them, but can’t really verbalize it yet as he’s been slow with his speech development.

  62. My 3yr old say Chase is the best pup because “He’s good! Like me Mama! And he’s coolest police dog!”
    So, I’m guessing Chase is just the best 😉

  63. We love Rubble! We love bulldogs and my so absolutely loves everything construction which naturally makes Rubble his favorite. Would love this for him!

  64. My kiddies favourites are Rubble for my and sky for my little girl!!! Love love Paw Patrol 💗💗💗💗

  65. Marshall: he is funny and friendly and always ready to help. My little guy loves fire-engines which makes Marshall a firm favorite. Enter: Tracker! Luka has not seen him yet, but you can bet that there will be a new favorite in our house when he does… he loves the outdoors and is obsessed with wild animals (he knows more facts about animals than I do!) so the new pup on the block will win the popularity contest paws-down!

  66. Rubble!
    My fav pup has been nominated by my 3 year old daughter. She has allocated a pup per person in the family, so we have the full gang for all Paw Patrol play!

  67. My girls love Paw Patrol. I would love to win this for my 3 year Olds upcoming birthday.
    She is also more selective with her toys and keeps the special ones aside. I am sure she will do the same with these. Her favourite is Sky.

  68. Morgan and Parker would flip the freak out I were to come home with this for them! Pretty huge fans themselves. Parker is all over Sky (because they are much alike: tiny, nifty and agile. Bad ass while still being cute.) And Morgy is all over Chase (because she too is much like him, so all together and loyal and capable.) Apparently I am rubble (’cause we have the same teeth…*sigh*) 🙂

  69. We love Chase because he is cool and we love hearing him say “Chase is on the case” and Marshall because he sprays water!
    Awesome competition!

  70. My daughter loves them all but my favourites and lets be honest I end up watching it as much as she does are Rubble and Marshall

  71. so here’s the deal – Adam is 1 and half – he doesn’t have a favorite yet.. however Isla.. well she likes Sky – because Girl, because Fly, because Cute.
    If I had to choose… I’d say Marshall.

  72. Marshall is my favourite because he’s my 3 year olds favourite and I love seeing her eyes light up when she tells me stories of his latest antics!

  73. Rubble on the double! He’s just the cutest little pup! My 2 year old loves ‘wabble’ because he drives a yellow digger.

  74. My son’s favourite is Chase because he loves his car LOL and my little girl adores Skye because she is a girl 😊

  75. According to my 5 year old Chase is the coolest pup… Chase is ‘always’ on the Case and that is why Chase is our favourite!

  76. I don’t know much about Paw Patrol except that my niece loves it. So I am entering this for her! Favourite puppy is therefore unknown.

  77. My 4yo boy likes Zuma because he has the best rescue skills. My 2yo daughter likes Rubble – whenever she hears “Rubble”, she chimes in “on da dubble”.

  78. Wod have to say Marshall. My son is crazy obsessed with paw patrol but in particular Marshall. He loves the fire engine and the water hose back pack.

  79. I love Rubble he is always eager to help! He has a real soft spot for animals and he loves to laugh <3

  80. Chase! My son is Paw patrol and Cops crazy! So Chase is the hero being part of the Paw Patrol Squad and being a police”men” as well!!

  81. We love Rocky! But man, they are all such sure pups. Hard to pick a favourite which is why my son seems to change his mind about his favourite one often!

  82. Watching paw patrol with my god son Mo is one of our favorites as I am a crazy dog lady and he is a bit scared of dogs so we teaching him that (all) dogs are not bad. He loves them all – the bravery of Chase & Marshall is what we talk about when he is feeling scared of the dogs, but I think that Skye is the all time fav, such an adventurer just like him. Our fingers and paws are crossed for his one.

  83. We have many “Marshall-like” moments in our house, with Georgie and mommy both being just as clumsy. For sure our favorite pup is Marshall. One favourite family activity is shooting and saving with water canons.

  84. For my boys its definitely Rocky cause he’s like the Macgyver of the paw patrol team and he’s green which is their favourite colour. Mind you using a MacGyver reference really gives away my age.

  85. I do not have a Twitter account do I get disqualified from the competition, and I am already subscribed to your blog, and follow you on instagram. 🙂

  86. My daughter loves Sky because she can fly! She is crazy about Paw Patrol. No idea where she saw it for the first time and we were clueless, but she drove us mad asking if she can watch Papa Troll. My husband got every troll movie out there for her but she kept telling him Nooooo Daddy! Popa Troll! Eventually, weeks later, she found a cup with the Paw Patrol squad on it at school and came running with it: “See, Daddy!” Paw Patrol! She has been watching Paw Patrol non-stop ever since.

  87. My daughter LOVES Chase! Chase! Chase! Chase. She told me just the other day if I buy her SPY CHASE then she will scream down the house (lol), she is 4.
    Our house has paw patrol running all the time, since I managed to download some episodes.

  88. My son is the same way. He became obsessed with Toy Story before his 2nd birthday and is still obsessed at 4 now. He has branched out some, but still goes back to Toy Story.

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