~*WIN*~ Crystal Surprise Hamper (Worth R1 000)

I’ve been promising it for a while now, but it’s finally here!  Drum roll please…

Kyla and Riya present their first review and giveaway!

After earning their sweet little Crystal Surprise toys over the last few weeks, the girls have put together their very first giveaway here on the blog.  They have done everything from the photo styling to taking the pictures to coming up with their own content for the video.  All with a little help (and a little destruction) from Knox.

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Obviously because they are only just getting the hang of reading and writing, I haven’t let them loose on the post itself.  And to be honest, I like writing here, so I’m not going to completely miss my chance.  Instead we’ve created our first ever video.  And wow, big ups to all you vloggers out there because flip, what a lot of effort!  Besides setting aside time to take footage of all the content, Seth spent the entire night working it all together for me so that it actually made sense.  Which, when you review all the videos as they were, was a tough job!  It was worth it though because it’s super cute.

So a little bit of background context before you watch the video…

We were given a hamper of the very sweet little toys called Crystal Surprise.  There’s a few ways that you can get your hands on them – there’s the big ones that come with their own bangles, the medium ones that come with heart shaped charms and the small ones that are hidden inside the chest or, as it’s being called here – their home.  Each little character comes with their own name and personality.  They are called Crystal Surprise because the actual toys are made of crystal and there’s a surprise charm in every box (make sure you find it – it’s in the base – we almost missed it!).

Because my girls need to start learning the value of these things and how hard I work on the blog to get them, I made them earn it.  More on that here.

And I think they did a fantastic job of it.  So here is their debut in the World of Youtube.  (Feel free to subscribe to the channel for more reviews in the future)

Now I want you to experience the power of having something cool that your kids would want to earn too…



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  • You need to live in SA or have a South African delivery address
  • If you have won a giveaway on 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House in the last 6 months, you may not enter

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a Rafflecopter giveaway

Now that we have all the requirements out of the way, here is the styled photos of what you will be winning if you are the lucky name drawn for this giveaway.

56 thoughts on “~*WIN*~ Crystal Surprise Hamper (Worth R1 000)

  1. I wouold love to win the hamper for my niece as my own kid is way too young to be let near anything this nice or small 🙂

  2. I’ve been waiting for this video!! And it didn’t disappoint!! 😂 Btw, Knox = best cameo appearance ever!!! 😁 Zee couldn’t stop giggling in solidarity with the girls, during the bloopers. Then she asked if we could watch it again… So, I said, “how about mommy enters the giveaway for you instead?” because you know, data. And why she’d like to win? “Because they’re really pretty, and really cute, and I love the little charms for the bracelet!” 🙂

  3. Wow, My kids just about fell off their chairs watching this, they have not stopped asking me to buy it for them.

  4. You kids are adorable ! Loved the bloopers at the end. My little girl would love these ! so fingers crossed 🙂

  5. Video is awesome. I would love to win this for my granddaughter.. Her birthday is coming up and this would make an extraordinary gift.. it has the wow factor.. she has nothing even remotely like it, and I would probably be the best granny ever 🙂

  6. I have 3 little girls that love everything shiny and sparkly. They see Vrystal surprize adds all the time and go ballistix calling me to come see. It would be a lovely surprize for them.

  7. Your kids are so precious. I loved the video. I would really love to win this prize for my daughter as she has been wanting Crystal Surprise pets. Hopefully I can surprise her with this for her birthday ☺

  8. Well done to the girls. They did well. How cute is Knox!!! Those bloopers had me mouthing the sentence as well.

  9. OMW the video was so adorable and also I want to win for my daughter and also her name is Rihana lol

  10. Love the video, super cute kids 🙂 My daughter would absolutely love this.. she collects anything that remotely looks like a crystal, or shines.. I find the oddest things in her school bag that she finds.. This would be such a treasure for her.

  11. This is so kind of you to share with us and giving us the chance to win this awesome giveaway, the video is so sweet and sure they enjoyed it very much , my daugther is turning 5 in June would love to give the prize to her on her big birhday♡

  12. Aww that was just tooo Adorable!
    My daughter has been wanting a Crystal Surprise for some time now but she knows she has to earn it.. but also having two little boys makes it difficult to neglect. This hamper would be treasured for sure!

  13. Awesome video. My daughter would love this.she’s turning 7 soon and this would be perfect.. they really are gorgeous

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