*~WIN~* A Weekend In The Roberston Wine Valley!

Here’s the thing about having an unusual family…

And by unusual, I mean being a family that has more than the specified 2 children.  Not something unusual like singing on the hilltops of Swiss mountains and standing in a line when a whistle is blown.  That’s just weird.  Like really weird.  Who even does that?

Sorry, got distracted there.

The thing about having an unusual family number often means that it’s almost impossible to find decent accommodation for all five of you without taking out another bond to be able to afford it.  I know this because it’s something I regularly find myself searching for.  Why?  Well, we like going away as a family, it’s a great time to switch off devices and just spend good old fashioned time together.  And let’s be real, in our day and age we don’t get nearly enough of that anymore.

And because we have found such huge value in getting away as a family, I want you to be able to do this too.

As you guys know, we recently headed out to the Robertson Wine Valley for another visit.  Honestly we’ve spent a lot of time there in the last couple of years and we have absolutely loved it every single time we go.  And every visit brings something new with it.  I don’t think we’ve been to the same place twice in all the times that we’ve been there.

It’s a really great place to visit and so I want you to relive our experience there.

Here’s what you’ll win:

This prize is for a family of 5 – two adults and three kids or less obviously.  Just no more than five people.


A two night stay in one of the cottages at Bushmans Pad Estate.

This sweet little cottage is the perfect place to use as a base to explore the valley.  The actual accommodation has a kitchen kitted with all the basic necessities, a lounge with fireplace and a separate main bedroom with ensuite toilet.  The lounge area has a single bed and the couch turns into a sleeper couch for the two kids that don’t mind doubling up.

But what’s really amazing about this place is the view!

Each cottage has their own braai place that overlooks the vineyards and mountains.  The perfect place to watch the sunset as you rustle up some supper.


There’s so much to do in this valley, but we’ve organised these specific adventures for you…


On Saturday at lunch time you can head over to Ashton Winery for a wine tasting and picnic.  Included in the experience is the normal wine tasting, however there is the option to upgrade that to include Belgium chocolate pairing for R30 per person.  Then you will receive two picnic baskets complimentary that include a variety of delicious meats, cheeses, breads, olives, spreads and various other goodies as well as your favourite bottle of the Ashton Winery wine.

We loved our tasting and particularly favoured the Pinotage and the Sparkling Wine.  So much so that we bought a case of each to bring home with us (also I LOVE that it really is farm prices that they sell it at – I can’t tell you how many farms I’ve been to where buying it at the farm is the same as buying it in store!).  When we went, Kyla was really sick with a tummy bug, but Riya did the grape juice tasting and it’s also a winner, so that came home with us too.

Oh and you must try the spirit cooler – it’s pure muscadelle grapes with a smidge of alcohol.  It’s delish!

It’s such a great spot to chill for the afternoon.  You can eat your picnic at your own leisure while the kids play on the play area.  We also brought a pack of cards with us that we played at random spots all over Robertson.


You can also head to Viljoensdrift for a complimentary boat ride for you and the kids.  It’s about an hour long so it might be worth picking up some snacks to take aboard too.  We didn’t and regretted not having something to chew on while we were sailing.

Also the ships name was Uncle Ben which is hilarious because that’s the name of our kids Uncle!


On your way home on Sunday you can make a stop at the beautiful Bon Cap for an absolutely mouthwatering buffet lunch.  Seriously – there’s something special about a full roast lunch on a Sunday.  It reminds me of childhood and family.  And then of course, once you’ve eaten all your vegetables, you can hit up the dessert table.  Wow.  I’m not going to lie to you – I totally cheated while we were there.

Please note that the meal is included but all the drinks are for your own account.



  • You need to enter through the Rafflecopter widget below
  • Weekend to be taken before the end of 2017
  • You need to be a family of five or less – maximum two adults and three kids
  • Transportation is not included in this prize and it’s totally a self drive trip – be responsible
  • PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU ACTUALLY DO ALL THE STEPS THAT YOU TICK OR YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED.  Sorry to shout at you like that but apparently it’s necessary.  Just play by the rules and stuff.
  • I will put you in touch with the necessary people at each stop and you will liase with them regarding a weekend that will work for all of you.
  • If you have won a giveaway on 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House in the last 6 months, you may not enter

Please feel free to share this with your friends on Facebook, Twitter or whichever other social media channel that floats your boat.


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228 thoughts on “*~WIN~* A Weekend In The Roberston Wine Valley!

  1. This prize is amazing, and those views from the cottage while you do your Friday night braai are spectacular! They make me excited to visit Robertson.

    • I have not had a holiday or a weekend away or anything since December 2013. I have an almost three year old and work 2 jobs and really really need some time away from the rat race. This sounds like heaven. As an adventurous soul I would love to take my little one on the boat ride or even just soak up the surroundings with a picnic and some good food and special quality time.
      This is an awesome giveaway and I am crossing all appendages right now 💋

  2. Wow! Cindy this giveaway is amazing!! If we won I would be most excited about the picnic because picnics are my favourite! And time away with my beautiful family of course looking at that amazing view! 😍

  3. My goodness! What a coincidence. Just what the doctor ordered! Outdoor picnic with lots of sunshine and a dose of a boat ride 🙂

  4. Keen to see the beautiful views – the view from the braai and the view on the river. Looks peaceful and beautiful 🙂

  5. What a wonderful review. The PICNIC AT ASHTON WINERY sounds just wonderful with great food, wine, scenery and of course my family 🙂

  6. We will be a family of five in September, and I am already wondering if we will ever – before or after – leave the house again. I can’t explain just how much I would like to win this!

  7. The nature side of things.. and the greenery.. it just looks so peaceful. My kids (6 and 5) would have an absolute blast running around chasing each other. A family getaway would be so welcome. And hubby and I can spend a bit of “us time” while the kids have fun.. totally awesome.

  8. This is such a cool prize!! Would love to take my two boys away to take their minds of home-life that is currently a bit of a mess. (Me and their father is in the process of getting divorced)

    • I am most looking forward to the boat trip my boys will love that seeing that they have never been on a boat before

  9. This looks so simple yet lovely. My best friend lives in Robertson – I’d LOVE to win this and go away with my family and be able to spend time with her and her family as well!

  10. Oops – okay so I think I am most excited about staying in this place you have so magically described, I love the pictures and my kids LOVE the outdoors so the picnic would probably be the biggest win for the family and I just know Emilie would love the boat ride!

  11. This looks amazing and boy do we need a holiday. Even with only 1 child we find it difficult to find good options that would not deplete our life savings lol

  12. Would love to take my in-laws on a weekend away. They have gone through a bit of a tough time recently and a getaway will be a great mood boost!

  13. AAAAHHHHH!!! Fingers crossed! In all honesty, I’m most excited about the view from the cottage. I can imagine a winter break; sitting in front of the fireplace with a glass of wine, staring out the window. Bliss!

  14. (hope this is the correct place to answer the competition question…)
    I would be most excited to see all the wine farms in Robertson (especially ones with nice play areas)

  15. Gosh Cindy, how can you ask what I’m most excited about?!?! Everything sounds so amazing!!! But if I must choose, I’m most excited about the accommodation. Just chillaxing and breathing and enjoying being pregnant with number 3. This is definitely going to be something we’re going to struggle with in the future, accommodation for a family of 5.

  16. This looks awesome. I would be most excited about the view at the cottage. Those pics while you’re braaiing look amazing! I love that you’ve done the research and find some lovely spots that work for your family, and that you’re sharing ideas so that others can benefit too! Thank you

  17. Oooo all the things you have set out look amazing but I think I would most look forward to going to our favourite winefarm in the area, Tanagra.

  18. I am most looking forward to the BOAT RIDE AT VILJOENSDRIFT if we win… Weirdly enough I was looking at weekend away accommodation last night and I actually check out your blog for some ideas… So I am getting a great feeling that winning this one is meant to be.

  19. I am MOST excited to go on the boat ride at Viljoensdrift – and i have been wanting to go to Robertson in like forever!

  20. Would like the PICNIC AT ASHTON Winery the most. This is one of the few bonding experiences our whole family enjoys.

  21. This would be awesome for us, as a family of 5, we dont go away much as its just too darn expensive. The peace and tranquility looks amazing here in your pictures. Holding thumbs:)

  22. Oh wow this sounds amazing! We love love love the winelands but don’t get there very often 🙁 I’m already dreaming of this holiday!

  23. Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Pick meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. (“Please”, she says between sobs… SOBS I tell you).

  24. Would love the tranquillity of the valley, it is much needed away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life, work and school…… this would be bliss.

  25. WOW!!! this looks AMAZING!!! We fit the bill perfectly we are a family of 5 with 3 kids(7, 5 & 3) They LOVE exploring and adventures. PICK US PLEASE< this family needs a BREAK!!! 🙂

  26. From the photo’s you posted, it surely does look like an unforgettable weekend! Absolutely stunning.

    • To add, the boat ride surely seems something I’ll be most interested in seeing. Haven’t been on one in a very long time. 🙂

  27. I don’t think this competition could have come at a better time ! 😀

    I’ve just gotten back from an extra long weekend and I feel like I need another weekend away to recover from this long weekends ! haha

    Winning this prize would be the ultimate [and you could pat yourself on the back for being able to tick something off my bucket list] hehe

    I know, I know…I’ve got the bucket list thing totally wrong BUT it is “my” bucket list after all 😉

    Anyway…basically…I just REALLY want this vacay!!

  28. That weekend getaway looks wonderful for a family, exactly what is needed from time to time just to break away from all the hustle and bustle and just enjoy nature in all it’s glory! My favourite part would be staying in one of those chalets with our family of 3. We’ve never had a proper family getaway so this would be such a huge blessing for us. P.S we’ve never been to Robertson either, shocking I know 🙈

  29. The boat ride sounds lovely! My son is almost 2 years old and is obsessed with all things transport – planes, trains, cars, bikes, busses, boats – you name it! It would be a lovely experience 🙂

  30. My husband and I used to take trips regularly before the little one came along. Our babymoon was in Robertson. It would be great to go back and this time, with her. It’s been 2 years since we’ve been on holiday, trust me, we need a break

  31. I am sooooooo dying to win this! My family of 3 is having a pretty tough year and this would be an amazing getaway to just focus on us! Also, that picnic basket looks amazing! All the yumms!

  32. Looking forward to sipping Robertson Valley wine and the Ashton coolers while watching the sun set and getting ready for a braai.

  33. Man alive id love to take my family for an adventure in the mountains and valleys. We are all about the outdoors and discovering new things and this trip seems to tick all the boxes and then some!

  34. What I would like the most about the Robertson experience (besides…let’s see…everything?!) is to see my husband relax as he works waaaaaay to hard, & to have some much needed family time with our little boy Jesse.

  35. Most excited about the picnic at Ashton winery! Our kids are crazy about anything “picnic” oriented

  36. This all looks awesome!! Totally feel you on the Sunday Roast vibe – one of my best childhood memories! Would love to experience it out in the Winelands!

  37. Definitely the SUNDAY LUNCH AT BON CAPsince we like experience different foods, flavours and surroundings.
    After all, the way to a man’s heart, is through his stomach

  38. That Boat trip looks awesome! I was just saying yesterday that I would love to go to Robertson as I have never been.

  39. Amazing adventure!! I think I’d be most excited about going back to Bon Cap and showing our kids where we got married ❤️

  40. I’m not from SA so taking trips like these are important for me to learn more about the country. Plus, with three kids – who has the money falling from a tree in the back yard to just up and go, plus enjoy treats like wine tasting and picnics that are paid for. We would absolutely LOVE this experience and we’d blog about it too 😀

  41. I would love to win this trip and visit Ashtons! My husband’s late grandfather used to buy a case from the farm for my mom in law every year for her birthday, so taking my husband there would have HUGE sentimental value because of the significance to his family

  42. This would be amazing for an extremely tired mom of three (mine are 8, 4 & 11months). I would love the boat trip 🙏❤️

  43. What an amazing price. I would be so excited to stop and explore the valley. I have only gine through it and it seems stunning! Xx

  44. Wow Cindy, that trip sounds amazing, the perfect family get away! The cottage with it’s beautiful view looks stunning, would love to stay there one day!

  45. Definitely watching the sunset over the vineyards and mountains as we braai together! Then of course also the wine tasting…. Currently pregnant and would absolutely LOVE some QT with my hubby and little girl when she is a few months old, doing what we love to do most – braai and wine tasting! will be exactly what we need! 🙂

  46. You know me, wine and food are my thaaang AND I could really do with taking a well-deserved break with Mr H and Rosie and taking things sloooow in my favorite valley.

  47. Everything looks amazing, but I can totally do with the picnic & wine tasting at Ashton Winery. We haven’t done either in a long long time. x Holding thumbs!

  48. Would love to win this as we are a recent family of four and Randall and I celebrated our wedding anniversary at the hospital with the birth of our second son! We’d love to go away and enjoy time with our kiddies and the madness that is our family😊

  49. Oh my gosh! My family would love this! Seriously what more you you ask for than a planned weekend of family time! We would love this!

  50. When I was a kid I would always get so offended that getaway competitions were always for a family of four instead of five. Who was going to be left behind if we won one of these competitions that we never entered?! I promised myself I would never have more than two children! It’s kind of silly how much this post made me smile. Thanks for that. As a grownup I find myself in another family of five, albeit a blended family. It’s nice to be able to enter a competition that welcomes us all. 💜

  51. I am most excited to enjoy that view with my fiance, and my family who haven’t had a proper get-away in years. Would be such a blessing.

  52. I also love going away with my family (which has recently expanded from three people to four). It would be awesome to win this prize and have our first getaway as a family of four:)

  53. I am excited about EVERYTHING!!
    But if I must choose then definately BOAT RIDE AT VILJOENSDRIFT.

  54. Oooh… everything! If I have to choose: kids would love the boat trip. They havent ever taken a boat ride on a river. They will be thrilled..

  55. I’d love to just chill at that cottage and check out the views!! And taste some sparkling wine! I’ve just had my baby ( he is 5 weeks old today) and a weekend away would be fabulous!

  56. What a fantastic prize! Taking the kids grape juice tasting will be pretty fun, especially with the promise of some chocolate 🙂

  57. Ah this is such an awesome prize. We have never been to the Robertson Wine Valley so really looking forward to seeing the beautiful views. Also very interested in trying the Belgian chocolate pairings.. due to breastfeeding my son is haven’t been able to satisfy my sweet tooth so this will be awesome to try. This weekend away will give us an opportunity to get away as a family and have a bit of time out. With two young kids it’s really tough getting away and spending time together.

  58. I’m most excited about lunch at bon cap because I love food and I get to drink wine 😂 As a mom to a two year old and a 3 month old, I need wine 😂

  59. The whole weekend looks amazing! We have never explored this area and would love the opportunity to do so! Also the boat ride looks amazing!

  60. Wow, this woud be fabulous for our family. Would love getting the kids out to the fresh air and enjoy the views of the valley.

  61. This place looks so beautiful. I would be most excited about the view – hot cup of coffee and feet up taking in that view!

  62. It all sounds amazing! However I’m most excited about taking the boys on the boat ride in Viljoensdrift. It would be our very first family holiday.

  63. Yup, definitely hated you a little bit after seeing the pictures of your gorgeous family on your getaway! (But only a very little bit, okay?) The Vans have never been on a family holiday together, this would be heaven! (But also hard work, because 2 toddlers! But also much more pleasant to be parenting when surrounded by those views!) The picnic would be my highlight (there’s food, there are beautiful surrounds and there’s no washing up! Does it get any better?) x

  64. We love everything about Robertson and have looked at property there like a gazillion times!

    But I love exploring the farm stalls and stops along the way the most!

  65. The one thing I’ll look forward to is to enjoy the cottage that you’ve described so beautifully to wash the city from my soul. Im also excited about the boat ride as well as the picnic.

  66. This looks amazing and perfect for our little family of 3 before we become a family of 4 in July

  67. Absolutely EVERYTHING looks amazing from the charming cottage to the teddy bears picnic! I know my daughter Zosia would LOVE the boat ride and perfect slow down family time! A real gem of a weekend! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  68. I’m sure our kids would love the boat ride, we’d love to be able to take them in this wonderful adventure you’ve shared!

  69. That Viljoensdrift boat cruise would excite my toddler to no end! Would love a family getaway to the Robertson wine Valley, one of my favourite local spots… it would be the perfect place to enjoy with my husband and kiddos after a hectic start to 2017 x

  70. Such an amazing prize ! I’m most d fired about chilling at the braai and watching the sunset !! Fingers crossed 🙂

  71. Such an amazing prize ! I’m most excited about chilling at the braai and watching the sunset !! Fingers crossed 🙂

  72. I’ve been wanting to go to Robertson since I saw your pictures Cindy. The picnic at Ashton winery would be absolutely amazing and I’m sure the kids would love the boat ride on Uncle Ben. It all sounds so good!

  73. We seriously need a holiday, so I’m just keen for a break. It’s been 6 years since we had a holiday 🙁 keen to show my kids some more of this beautiful country.

  74. Is “seeing the bottom of several wine bottles” an inappropriate sightseeing wish? With 2 kids (of 3 years and 3 months) and a full time job, I need wine. It would also be nice to see my husband, maybe even talk to him, over a bottle of Robertson wine, rather than over the shrieks of a toddler. I imagine talking about something other than the kids. That might be asking too much though.

  75. Wow! This sounds like such an amazing trip! We are new to the Western Cape and have never been to Robertson area but have only heard fab things about it! I would love to experience it all for myself and give my kids this amazing opportunity too! And it would make my insta followers green with envy I am sure! Lol! Holding thumbs!

  76. Im convinced that if I enter enough of your giveaways I am bund to win something! I would love this getaway.. we havent had a real getaway since we became a family

  77. I would love to win this. The thing I’d be looking forward to the most is simply to get away. I’ve been getting eye problems and been feeling down lately – too much computer! I need a break away from it all.

  78. My husband and I moved to Cape Town 2 months ago and we are itching to explore more of the Cape. We have a few coastal holidays planned but I am dying to visit the Robertson Valley.
    Holding thumbs!

    • The picnic sounds amazing. That’s how we celebrated our first anniversary in the Natal Midlands.

  79. Just to have some family time away with the kids the open spaces and our all time favourite to braai

  80. Robertson is our all time favourite wine -route stop. We would love to have a weekend there and enjoy those wonderful treats! We’re also a family of 5!

  81. The trip looks amazing… this could be our first ever family getaway….
    The boat ride looks amazing.
    My girls would love it.

  82. Wow this sounds like an amazing get away for parents and kids! What a treat away from busy life this would be! Picnics and outdoors are definately what the doctor orders!!

  83. So…it seems that your Raffle-copter does not allow for more than one entry…

    Guess I will have to bomb your comments section…just to remind you…of how awesome you are for having such an amazing giveaway…that I am hoping to win ! haha xD

  84. How much would our 3 kids LOVE this weekend away?!! The boat trip really would float their boat ;). But given what guzzlers my kids are, all the eating treats would also be a massive hit, especially set in such gorgeous grounds. Happy kids + happy parents. Yes please!

  85. Oh my word!!!!! When I saw this post I may have cried just a little. This prize would be amazing on so many levels. This is actually a getaway where I feel we can all get exactly what we’d like! Bots, wine, braaing, oodles of space. the perfect getaway for our ‘toddler fam’! Yes toddler fam because we are at the ‘toddler dominates our life’ stage lol. I can already picture sitting outside taking it all in with Chad after she collapses on the bed after a fun filled day! What an amazing prize!

  86. What an awesome giveaway! There are not many giveaways that include as much as this one does! Kudos to you & the suppliers!
    P.S. Absolutely LOVE the blog!!!!

  87. It was really nice to view the sights through your eyes!
    Great spoils for the stuner family <3 Hope the memories stay forever!

    • Would love to see Luca’s reaction when “Uncle Ben” starts to move through the water!

  88. This is such an amazing prize! I really hope we can win this for a well deserved getaway x

  89. Most excited about the Boat Ride at Viljoensdrift. My kids will be over the moon if they could go on this amazing getaway!

  90. I am looking forward to the time away from home. The boat ride should be interesting seeing that little one loves the water so will have to get floaties just in case she decides to take a dip hehe

  91. Ah, wish we win the prize because it looks so nice and we live in Cradock in the Eastern Cape and there’s no wine routes near us!!!! A family getaway will also be awesome!! Thanks for sharing your getaway!

  92. Wow, stunning prize. I have never been to the Cape, and would LOVE a holiday away with just me, my man and our little girl. We are trying to expose her to as much of our beautiful country as our budget will allow.

  93. I worked the whole of the long weekend. Every day till 2am on a deadline. Am still working. Deadline next week. My family needs this break. I need it 😂 Would most be looking forward to the picnic.

  94. Really nicely put together itinerary Cindy. A piece of winelands paradise right on or doorstep. Yes please!

  95. Oh my goodness what an incredible prize… we’re only a family of four, but a desperately in need of holiday family for sure

  96. We’ve stayed at Bushmans Pad Estate before as a family and found it to be a real gem! Would love to go back and explore more of this area! Such a great giveaway!

  97. This is amazeballs – we’re also a family of 5 and can do with a breakaway from the city hustle n bustle to spend quality time as a family. My fav would be spending time on the luscious lawn with kiddums whilst hubby Braai, enjoying the great views and tranquility. My DD absolutely loves picnics so that would be a win win 😉

  98. The most exciting for our family would definitely be the wine tasting and picnic at Ashton Winery. We are a picnic crazy, picnic loving, picnic fun type of family ❤ The whole weekend sounds amazing though ☺

  99. Is one of my favourite places in the Western Cape, it’s beauty & wine farms make it something special.
    We also got engaged there!!! I think while money and daddy maybe most excited about the wine tasting. The girls will be excited about the boat trip.

  100. What an incredible prize! If we won, I’d be looking forward to the wine…I mean, relaxing time with my family as we all sit quietly on the porch and stare at the view 😉

  101. I am most excited about the incredible scenery and how timeless some areas of South Africa are. We are so lucky to be part of this adventure!

  102. Currently preggers with brother number THREE so this would be a cool way to celebrate our unusual family 😉

  103. I would love the beautiful scenery, just to have some away time with my little family would be amazing and to be surrounded by such beautiful nature, that is the most exciting for me <3

  104. Is this a blog post comment?! Somehow the block is ticked so I need to make sure that I DID IN FACT DO THE STEP 😉
    Cindy – your write ups make me want to throw that party, eat around the world and pierce my ears. BUT THIS ONE – this one makes me want to jump through the screen and land on the picnic blanket in Robertson, overlooking the valley with my family!

  105. Wow I’m in of a get away like this.I’d love to go wine tasting never done that before. Uncle Ben looks like such fun!!!

  106. Looking at the little cottage with such a beautiful view of the vineyard and the open spaces makes my whole body relax! The open spaces and open air is what makes me most excited to experience! Of course going for a wine tasting and picnic…. that would top my weekend! My girls would love sitting on the boat; “watching the world go by….” PS….. we would most certainly drive up from PE just for this amazing looking and sounding weekend away!

  107. Wow, that looks amazing! And honestly just what our family needs! Its been so long since weve gone away as a family. But im gladyou got teh chance away and even if we dont win the weekend it definitely looks like a place worth investigating!

  108. It’s me…again 😀

    Maybe even just reminding you how much I would REALLY love to win this freaking-awesome weekend away!

    I’ve always been so jelly of you being able to pack-up and take the kids away for a weekend.

    The last time I went away was probably exactly one year ago 🙁 It feels sooooo long ago…

    Anyway – I couldn’t have chosen a better location to go to! 😀 😀 😀 😀

    Happy Dance *

  109. Wow! Thank you for the opportunity to win this weekend getaway. It looks like a wonderful relaxing family bonding weekend.

  110. As there just about enough to entertain everyone in the family, my monsters would enjoy every moment of being outdoors, for me it’s just the tranquillity of the area, I felt myself gasping for air just looking at these pictures, being a wife, a mom, an employee, you don’t realise, or maybe you do, but you don’t accept that you need to zone out.

  111. Ah, I haven’t been out to Robertson before so would LOVE to go have a little getaway there with the kids and would most look forward to switching off from everything else and just focusing on my kids and making memories together. We are also so not your typical family – I’m refusing to accept my age and have become a student again to prove it (well it probably wasn’t for that reason alone lol), and then it’s my 2 kids. My kind, animal loving, calm 17 year old son (in 2 days time), and my untamable, tree-climbing, inventive 6 year old daughter. We’re an odd trio, but I wouldn’t change us for the world.

  112. The picnic! The lazy saturday evening braai. Change of scenery away from the city hustle and bustle. What an amazing prize. Holding thumbs

  113. Our little one just turned 8 months and we are in desperate need of a family holiday! This sounds like heaven 🙂

  114. Awesome blog! Amazing giveaway! I have never been and it’s on my bucket travel list…and thee way you captured Robertson makes me feel like I have gone a 10 second holiday 😍

  115. My son loves boats so I know the boat trip will be a definite highlight for us! What a awesome prize!

  116. I would be excited to see that view!! I look for a view wherever I go, I love being in nature and not being distracted by the buzz of the city. I can envision getting cozy by the braai in the evenings and just having quality time with my family.

  117. We have exactly same the same conundrum in our house with 3 kids…holidays for 5 are too expensive and everything accommodates 4! We’d so love a family weekend in Robertson to soak up the beauty, visit new wine estates not to mention the boat ride which I’ve eyed for ages! Toes and fingers crossed!

  118. How amazing! I’d love to win this prize and spoil my boys with a weekend away exploring. They never step out of their comfort zones unless I make the move so this would be amazing

  119. Ummm… let me think… DEFINITELY THE ASHTON WINERY!!! I would love to treat myself, boyfriend, sister, brother and mom to a belated Mother’s Day trip when she visits SA later in the year. We would all make GREAT use and fun of the winery 😉

  120. This looks IDYLLIC – We are due to grow our 5-humanoid-member (+1 canine +1 feline +1 chicken) family by one baby boy at the end of this year and would LOVE the chance to spend a little fun-time away before he joins us. I’m pretty sure the kid’s favourite experience will be the boat ride, and mine would usually be anything wine&chocolate related, but this time I’m going to have to say that the idea of a braai with that view is heart-stopping!
    What a great prize!

  121. Super prize, a weekend away would be wonderful. We would really like to see the view from the Bushmans Pad Estate cottage braai area and get to further explore Robertson and surrounds.

  122. I would be most excited to see the wonder and awe in my little boy’s face as he explores new places and spaces and as we go on exciting new adventures as a family! Robertson is beautiful and I would love to go an adventure there with my Wolf Pack! 🖤

  123. What an amazing prize. Almost feel like the universe is telling me I need to take a break!
    I would love nothing better than just to pop my feet up and look across at the vineyards releasing a small whisper “soon my babies, you will be wine”
    Seriously. I am very keen to visit the vineyards, do some tasting and exploring!
    *fingers crossed*

  124. Honestly, what I look forward to seeing most is hubby and my boys just relaxing; switching off, unwinding and having fun in that picturesque valley. Enjoying a well-deserved break from all the hard work and stuff, which we do far too little of as a family. Holding thumbs!!

  125. Ermahgerd! Would love, love, love this weekend away. Like most SAn families, we are facing so much turmoil and anxiety and a few days of just being in the country with no burglar alarms and electric fences and being on guard all the time, will be amazing!

  126. I’m sure I sound like everyone else, but I really really need this quality time away with my little family. My husband teaches till 9pm week nights and Saturday and Sunday mornings and I would love for us to just be able to spend a weekend away together so that we can all recharge and come back to being a family unit. The views sent bad either 😋

  127. I hope you are not chosen based on your comment, no inspiration here right now… BUT, would love this

  128. Definitely the picnic and wine tasting. I’m pregnant and about to pop, I do miss unwinding with a glass of wine 😉

  129. Is it weird that the thing I’m most excited to see on a trip to Robertson is that spectacular view from the braai area, while sitting back with a glass of vino and just EXHALING after months of hard work? Yes, please!

  130. Yay… we are a family of 5 so we qualify! And would love to see the sun rises over that spectacular mountain!

  131. My two boys are adventurers and outside kids! They love love love playing outside and exploring. Aged 3 and 1, they are super busy! This will be a well-deserved break-away. Amazing setting and quality time in its truest form. Would love this. x

  132. I would love to show my two year old the lambs at Bon cap and a boat trip at Viljoens drift would be one for the memory books!

  133. We have never been on holiday yet as a family & I think that this place is the picture of the ideal perfect place for a first holiday for a hard working family!

  134. Super excited about the boat ride! The views of the vineyards & mountains, sound like a scene from a book. They are exquisite!

  135. I think above all, the thing I would most like to see on a weekend trip away to Roberston would be the happiness on my kids faces to be able to spend a weekend away, with us as a family. To see their excitement as we arrive at our ‘new home’ for the weekend. We just need something like this so desperately. What a tough year it’s been and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down with one blow after the next. We need a time out more than ANYTHING and this just looks so wonderful and peaceful with little interruptions from technology / routine. I hardly enter anything but this is something I would LOVE to win for our little family <3 x

  136. I could get all fancy with poems about roses and wine and rolling hills and sonnets of sadness and love and happiness and maybe an animal farm or something left field thrown in for good measure but I would make a fool of myself! 🙂 So I am just here to say that I would love to have a weekend away with my persons.

  137. Our favorite thing would be to sit and relax in the fresh air. Take in the scenery and enjoy the views with some fantastic food and drink.

  138. I’m most looking forward to having a braai while soaking up that beautiful view!!! Holding thumbs! 😀😀😀

  139. What a lovely giveaway! Uncle Ben looks like a lot of fun. I’m sure my kids would so enjoy the boat trip. A great experience to add to the memory bank. It all looks so magical! Holding fingers, toes, ears and anything else I can grab on to! 🙂

  140. A post kids trip back to Robertson would be fabulous. We were last there when we got engaged. Now a family of four- Bushmans Pad estate looks just perfect for some relaxing family time. (Lol- atleast the 5am wake ups won’t seem so bad with that view)

  141. I so need time away with just my family. Its been a difficult time and this weekend away will bring as back together- without technology to keep us apart

  142. Most excited about? Would definitely be unplugging and relaxing with hubby and kids out in country, stunning views, fresh air! and buffet breakfast of course <3

  143. Ah – I am sitting at work and dreaming of this amazing looking holiday!!
    So…PLEASE…pull my name out of that hat ! 😉

  144. My family would be for ever grateful to experience a getaway.. we have been a family of 5 for 7years and we have never been on a holiday let alone together… this would be amazing !!! pick us ! pick us !!!!

  145. My family of 5 has not been on a getaway before and we would absolutely loooooove to win this ..pick us! pick ! pick us!

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