Birthday Brunching At Babylonstoren

It was my Mom’s birthday on the last public holiday that we had and so I wanted to treat her to a lovely breakfast out at one of my favourite wine farms.  Although to be fair, Babylonstoren is so much more than a wine farm.  Plus most of the family hadn’t been out that way, so it was a good excuse to get everyone out there to explore with the kids.

However, due to my poor planning I didn’t realise that the Greenhouse only opens at 10am and, although they offer incredible scones with fresh farm butter and preserves, salads and pot pies – they don’t really do a traditional breakfast fry up.  Which is fine, but if you’re not doing dairy or sugar or grain and don’t really feel like a salad for breakfast, well, then um.  Anyway, I should have checked that before and potentially booked at Babel. Then we could have had an earlier breakfast and then maybe even have made it to the garden tour that they do at 10am every day.  I’ve heard from some of our friends who have done it, that it’s a really worthwhile thing to do.

But still, we had a super time chatting over coffee and celebrating my Moms many years of life.

After we ate, we explored the relatively new medicinal garden which is right behind the Greenhouse.  It’s quite fascinating actually – all the plants that are grown to cure very specific things.  We used to rely on these natural things before modern medicine, and while I’m super grateful for medicine, I’m sure we could heal ourselves more naturally if we focused on trying these instead of antibiotics etc.

Then we explored.  And it was super.  I wish we could have stayed longer but it had been a super long weekend and we were all busted.  Next time for sho!

The kids were responsible for the majority of all the photographs 🙂

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  1. We’ve never been but must definitely make a point of going there soon. Your photos are gorgeous and the kids definitely got your talent and eye! 😀

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