Do you know what’s awesome about blogging and social media?  I’ll tell you what, it’s getting to know and be a part of so many opportunities to meet new people and do new things, big and small.  Over the years we have had the privilege to have been featured on various different blogs/media and so I thought I would share them with you here:

I’m not going to lie to you.  This is probably my biggest, proudest achievement right here.  Featuring in a magazine article that’s actually about being a Mommy Blogger is in and of itself a pretty massive thing, but being mentioned among such amazing company is still just blowing my mind.   This is the Living and Loving July 2014 Issue.

Camera Uploads2

There we are, under “A-Listers”…  *swoon*


Such a lovely interview with Spar Savour – honoured to be their blogger of the month!!

Spar Interview

An article I wrote for MamaMagic Magazine about giving birth on my birthday read more here – Beyond the Blog


Get the hubby involved – here are a few things he can do with the kids while you go for that much needed spa treatment.

Spar - DaddyDates

Stumped for food to serve at playdates?  Here’s how to fix that

Spar Playdate food

I blushed the whole way through reading this feature in Hung Up magazine.

Hung Up Feature

An interview about blogging with SA Mom Blogs

SA Mom blogs

We did a brief modeling shoot for Magical Moments In Time Photography

Magical Moments

Netwerk 24 named 3 Kids, 2 Dogs and 1 Old House as one of five parenting blogs that inspire.

Netwerk 24

Netwerk 24 2

Namreen from Life and Times of the Fireflies was FAR too kind in her twist on a Liebster nomination.  FAR too kind indeed!


The most recent feature has been an interview about all of my tattoos over on Flat White Magazine – go and take a look…

FlatWhite Magazine

At a loss for Date Night ideas?  Why not try some of these? Written for Spar Savour Magazine.

Spar - Date Night

Want to know what goes into planning a kids party?  Here’s our behind the scenes look featured in the Spar Magazine…  (Click the picture to go on through)

Spar Oct 2014

Chatting to Mrs Bee (AKA Amy) over on Tea with Mrs Bee – all about marriage and how to survive it.  Go check it out

Tea With Mrs Bee

We attended the Love Milo launch and it was featured in the Sunday Times (second last page of the Entertainment Section, but still exciting!).



Ever tried to have a theme day with your kids?  Here are 3 different days that you can recreate with yours – they will have so much fun and so will you!  Click the picture to go on through to the articles.

Spar August - Article

I am feeling so honoured to be able to take part in so many lovely interviews with equally lovely bloggers!  This time it was with Eleanor from just Ella Bella.  These questions really had me thinking hard and I enjoyed answering them – a really fun interview.  Go on an check it out – just click on the picture.

Just Ella Bella

Flip, but Leana from Hipstyler, Pretty and Ginger was just way to complimentary when she featured me in her #projectfeelgood series!  I am still blushing from her praise.  (Click on the link to go on through and see what #projectfeelgood is all about)

Hipstyler, Pretty and Ginger

Sharing fears and hope for our children with the lovely Belinda on Making Mountains (Click the picture to take a read)

Making Mountains

When I was pregnant with Kyla I scoured the internet and a bajillion books for advice.  They were great, but there is nothing like first hand experience from a range of Moms with children with different needs (that don’t fit the mould in the books).  Nikki has an awesome series on her blog with advice that is just like that and I was able to share some things that helped me a lot.  (Click the picture to take you through to the article.)

Nikki and Nicholas

Seth shared some really fun things to do with your kids on the Spar Savour magazine for Fathers Day.  (Click the picture to take a look!)

Spar Savour Magazine June 2014

We joined with the lovely Fiona on Inspired Living – in her series: Confessions of A Blogger – (Click on the picture to go through to the article)

Inspired Living

I shared what being our life together has been like since getting married all those years ago with Roxy on City Girl Searching.  The series is called Life After The Dress (Click on the picture to pop through to the article)

City Girl Searching

We shared some fun things to do with your kiddies to keep them entertained while learning about different foods and getting them to try different things with the Spar Savour Magazine  (A little click on the picture will take you right on through to the article)

Spar Savour Mag - August 2013

The lovely Kathryn from  Becoming You asked me to feature in her “What I” series.  To say I was nervous for this to be published is probably the biggest understatement ever.   (Click the pic to go through to the article)

Becoming You

If you’ve ever wondered what’s inside the bag of a SuperMom, quickly lower your expectations and then read my intervview with Tasneem over at City Girl Vibe, in her series “Bloggers and Bags.  (Click the pic to go through to the article)

City Girl Vibe

Being featured on Rattle and Mum was also lots of fun! (Click on the picture to go through to the article)

Rattle and Mum

Waaaaay back we shared our Love Story for Valentines Day with my friend Jules over on the Caramella Clan (Click on the link to view the article)

Caramella Clan

Our dairy and sugar free ice cream recipe featured on A Wheat Free, Dairy Free, Sugar Free Journey 

We joined with Loot and Positive Dialog for a really fun morning of baking together – Loot Blogger Bake Off.

We also spoke about our interracial relationship in a Marie Claire article back in 2011.  I can’t find my copy of the magazine (I think we lost it in the move) but here is another article that someone else wrote about our Marie Claire Feature.

Thanks to my gorgeous friend, I actually have a picture of the Marie Claire Article – yay!

Marie Claire

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