Date Night Challenge

Though many people seem to be up to the challenge, there are a few people that aren’t.  I am going to go out on a limb to say that I think that this is important, despite your age or how long you’ve been married, the age of your kids or whether you even have kids!  It doesn’t matter.  What matters is that we spend alone time with our spouses.  And maybe the idea of a “date night” freaks you out, because actually you are at the time of your life where you don’t actually want to go out and do things anymore.  I get that.    So when I refer to “date night”, what I actually  mean is “a dedicated alone time with your spouse for at least 30 minutes, at night or during the day”.  Does that make it a bit more bearable?

So as from June, let’s commit to dating our husbands once a week (whether they know it officially or not).  Who’s in?  No pressure, but how awesome would it be if we kept each other accountable to doing this (feel free to share if you would rather do this with your own group of friends).  How much better would our marriages become?!

You can join anytime you want and I would love to do a post on your dates and what you did, even if you spent a chilled night at home.  Get in touch if you want to be featured.  You can let us know by posting pics of your date on our Facebook Page.

For more on why this all came about check out the original post.  If you are struggling for ideas (like I do all the time), check out this post

Here are some reader’s getting in on the action:

Lizanne and Chris managed to get a date night in – even with a sick baby.