I know that it’s hard to believe, but I’m an insurance broker.

That’s right, it’s time to revamp the old, seedy looking man that you picture when you hear the word “broker” and replace it with, well, replace it with me.  (So if you pictured grey haired, then you can keep that.)

When I am not blogging (which is actually most of the time), I am working very hard at helping my clients find short term insurance that not only offers them a competitive premium, but cover that won’t screw them over in the event of a claim.  Which unfortunately, happens more than you think.

I know it can often get confusing, so let me clarify.  I can’t help you with medical aid, life insurance or investments (but I know a great guy that can if you need one).  I strictly focus on short term insurance.  What is short term insurance?  It’s your car, house, laptop, business – that kind of thing.

So, I know what you are thinking.  WHY would you want to get in touch with me.  Let me give you a few reasons and you can decide for yourself:

  • This is not just a job for me.  It’s my very own business and I take it seriously.  Which means that I take your insurance seriously.  When I compare your current insurance to what we can offer you, I’m not going to try and get you as a client at all costs.  If you are better off where you are, I’ll tell you.  I promise.
  • There is a very good chance that we CAN find you something better than you currently have.  The direct insurers like to trick their clients with low premiums but very high excesses or low cover.  We can fix that for you.
  • I have a team of very capable people working with me in my office.  They take your insurance as seriously as I do and you will have their personal attention any time you need them.  No more call centres speaking to untrained people.
  • We work with all of the most reputable insurers in South Africa so we have a lot of options at our disposal – we do the work for you in finding and comparing the cover to give you the best option.  When you first start with us and every year at renewal too.
  • Lastly, we help you out.  We walk you right through the process of claims, renewals and amendments.  We’re on your side and will fight any unfair judgements by the insurer on your behalf.  Basically – we have your back.

I guess it could be weird, emailing a blogger that you have been following in their personal capacity to handle the serious business of your insurance, but life’s always a bit weird isn’t it?  I promise not to make it weird if you don’t.

If you’re wanting to re-look at your insurance – get in touch on