If you’ve been wondering around the internet this morning and wondering who is the most excited about Friday, I have the answer for you.  It’s me.

This week, although quite wonderful in many respects, has also been so very draining.  I go to sleep exhausted and wake up even more exhausted.  If that’s even possible.  I know that it’ll all start working out quite soon – as we get into the rhythm of it, but right now I just want to tap out. Sooo…

Tag you’re it.

I’m out.  Cue the rectangular baby sitter and some healthy snacks for the kids while I just quietly disappear into the background.  I’ve gotten very good at this actually – they don’t even notice.  But if they do and you’re looking for me, you’ll find me curled up in bed trying to find the me I know I used to be.  You know that one?  The Cindy that was awake and energetic.  OK, hahaha, you’re right.  We all know that last part needs to come out.  I was never energetic, but I was at least awake and not yawning so widely I’ll threaten to bite their heads off.

Anyway, let’s catch up shall we?


Doing:  Right now I am just trying to get my life sorted.  At the end of last year we had an amazing routine and everything worked so smoothly and now with new times for extra murals, more extra murals and more homework I’m struggling to fit it all in.  So I’m busy filling in a million reply slips and attending parent teacher meetings like it’s my job.

Watching: We’re without series again, but we have been introducing our kids to movies that we watched when we were kids.  A couple of weeks ago we showed them HOOK – something I have never cried in before, but oh my word, I proper ugly cried watching it with my own kids.  Why?  I still don’t really know.  Maybe it’s PMS, or because Robin Williams is dead or even just because I’m now a Mom myself and so it’s so much more emotional.  But either way, my kids looked at me in horror, trying to figure out what on Earth was wrong with me.

Then we watched a more light hearted movie – George Of The Jungle – and they LOVED it.  Such good memories from my childhood right there.  And now they are running around screaming “Aaahahhhahhhahhh!” at the tops of their voices and running into walls, just like my brother and I did.

Reading:  Still struggling through Baking Cakes In Kigali (Gaile Parkin) which makes me the person that’s stuffing up our whole one book a month thing.  Eeek.

Adapting to:  Not doing the things I want to do when I want to do them.  In the holidays it was so great because we spent so much time with friends and doing fun things and now it’s back to the grind and I really just don’t like it.  I mean I love my job, but I think it’s normal to want freedom right?

And this year I wanted to do even more entertaining (a strong word for just really wanting to have our friends over on the regular).  So I have started by having people over this weekend.

Changing:  Small things.  Slowly but surely we’re updating our house and making it ours.  It was in pretty good nick when we moved in so we didn’t really have to do anything to it, but it doesn’t really feel like us yet.  Well, it does but it doesn’t.  So we’re doing things bit by bit.

We added the painting and redid the lounge, we got a bright new carpet for the lounge and Seth is working on this amazing project outside.  I can’t share it yet, but I can’t wait to!

Excited About:  On Sunday we’re going to be on TV.  The whole family.  It’s happening.  I’m starting to feel excited about it and the potential for awesome things that it holds.  But I’m still absolutely terrified that we’ll watch it and cringe at every single second!  How people do that on the regular I’ll never know!

Managing:  My skin!  You have no idea how amazing my face is looking right now!  I am preparing a post for Monday about it but I really just need to thank The Skin Renewal team in Claremont.  They are an amazing, supportive bunch of women who have helped me along on this journey and I really could not have done it without them!

Right.  Now it’s time to go and enjoy the weekend!!  Have a freaking amazing one!!

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